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[famous teacher experience] German star engineers teach children to play experts. When you were a kid, did you play with your favorite toys all day, like Andy in toy story, eager to give them life? However, there are such a group of children, turning it into reality, creating a toy world of their own. Don’t say 3D print is far away from you. Don’t think toy manufacturing is a factory thing. Do parent-child activities are boring, boring and no innovation? It’s all because you didn’t help the child get to the right trick! [activities] in order to save children, Tencent Zhejiang Zhejiang net brings you a free experience lesson of toy story, and children can design and make a toy that is entirely their own. To guide the children is a German super genius, Ann Jianhua, who is a field designer in the World Expo German Pavilion. It’s not only clearer logic, but also guiding them to better play their talents, and the most important thing is to let children play safely and playfully. The role of a child is no longer the player who takes the toy to play, and they become the designer of the toy. They study every toy and study all the mechanisms behind it: material, size, plaything, plaything, object, price, production process, market situation and possibility of promotion. The idea of critical thinking is constantly strengthening and training, so as to stimulate children’s desire for exploration and interest in learning, which will become the greatest wealth of children’s life. At the same time, children can experience the full English teaching environment, study in the infiltrative English teaching environment and improve the English comprehensive ability. In the course of German PBL (Project Based Learning) is the advanced form of teaching, in the process of completing the project goals, cultivate the ability of children: organization ability and communication ability, study ability, creativity, reading and writing ability, show the speech ability, inspire children’s interest in many ways. Different from the past classroom, here is the children’s own small world: teachers are not taught, they are taught by themselves, all teachers only provide guidance and help in the classroom, all the thinking is done by the children themselves. Compared to the traditional direct instillation of knowledge teaching model, children are more willing to find themselves, self thinking, self learning and self promotion. The teacher curriculum director An Jianhua teacher is a genius, he started 11 years of computer programming, An Jianhua in 2000 from University of Stuttgart, a M.S. degree, adult show great interest in architecture and structure, has participated in the joint construction of the German Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, also published books. The curriculum experience of class time and place: September 24th 10:00-12:00 Shuguang Road Hangzhou children’s library on the third floor of the Civic Center September 25th 10:00-12:00 Hangzhou J block library west of the real age stage: 10-18 years old: free of charge registration fill in the registration form below, to experience the class number

【名师体验】德国明星工程师教孩子玩成专家小时候,你是否也像《玩具总动员》里的Andy一样,整日摆弄自己心爱的玩具,渴望赋予它们生机?然而就有这样一群孩子,把它变为了现实,营造了属于它们自己的玩具世界。不要说3D打印离你很远,不要认为玩具制造是厂家的事儿。觉得亲子活动枯燥乏味没有创新?那都是因为你没有帮孩子get到正确的玩法!【活动】为了“解救”孩子,腾讯大浙网为大家带来“玩具总动员”免费体验课孩子可以自己动手设计、制作一个完全属于自己的玩具。指导孩子们的,是来自德国的超级天才安建华老师,他可是世博会德国馆的现场设计师。让孩子脑洞大开,不仅逻辑更加清晰,同时也引导了他们更好地发挥天赋,最重要的是让小孩可以安全地好好玩。孩子的角色不再是把玩具拿来就玩的玩家,他们成为了玩具的设计者。他们研究每一种玩具,研究它背后所有的机理:材料、尺寸、玩乐规划、玩乐对象、价格、生产过程、市场情况、提升的可能性等等。批判性思维的理念经过不停地强化与训练,从而激发孩子的探索欲望及学习兴趣,这将成为孩子们人生最大的财富。同时,孩子可以体验全英文授课环境,在浸润式的英语教学环境中学习,同时提高英语综合能力。课程以德国PBL(Project Based Learning)的先进教学形式,在完成项目目标的过程中,培养孩子的各项能力:组织能力、沟通交流能力、观察研究能力、创造力、阅读与写作能力、展示演讲能力,启发孩子的多方面兴趣。不同于以往的课堂,这里更是孩子们自己的小世界:不再是有老师教,是同学们自己教会自己;所有教师只是在课堂上提供引导、帮助,所有的思维都是孩子们自己完成的。相比于传统的直接灌输知识教学模式,孩子们更乐于自己发现,自我思考,自我学习,自我提升。主讲老师课程总监安建华老师是个天才,他11岁就开始了计算机编程,2000年安建华于斯图加特大学取得理学硕士学位,成年后展现了建筑与结构方面的极大兴趣,曾参加2010年上海世博会德国馆联合建设工作,还出版了相关书籍。课程安排体验课时间地点:9月24日 10:00-12:00 曙光路 杭州少年儿童图书馆三楼 9月25日 10:00-12:00 市民中心J座 杭州图书馆西附房适龄阶段:10-18岁费用:免费报名方式填写下方报名表,争取体验课名额相关的主题文章: