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Exposure to the port to sign a domestic multi-faceted Temoto Takeisuke joined the possibility of reporter Wang Xiaorui reported that the league has ended, but the changes are on the Hong Kong club. Among them, the attention of the next season coach candidates have surfaced. The Portuguese Boas, would become Erickson’s successor. As for the contract extension, next year, and other issues, the former has been basically completed in the middle of the season. But in determining boas in Hong Kong on the occasion, the club also finalized the first Neiyuan transfer. However, this may be a big investment in the beginning of the season. Especially in terms of foreign aid, the Hong Kong team is still likely to bring surprises. Fancy villas boas’s passion and championship season is not over, about Erickson’s future prospects, has become clear. Because according to the traditional custom, the Hong Kong team in the League after the end, continue to stay in the local a week training. This is Erickson always led the criterion, but this time, the team cruised to be informed in advance will Huaxia happiness, in situ dissolution, collective holiday, seems to presage the Swedes to say good bye. Moreover, the team’s performance in 2016, although the completion of the basic goal of "top three, AFC Champions League 16", but the process is hard and also appeared in the four foreign aid turns the injured scene. In addition AFC Champions League 14 finals of the second round of the 0 – 5 defeat, the Hong Kong Group executives have lost confidence in Erickson. However, in the Hong Kong Club original Xuanshuai plan, Boas is not the only candidate. Names such as Scolari and Capello have also been mentioned. But for Hong Kong, this time Xuanshuai purpose is very clear, is to win a championship in 2017. Therefore, despite the fame and prestige, who has won the coach led the experience (especially in the last few years), is a key object of investigation. The final selection of Boas, is the champion club regulars. He is in charge of Oporto, Zenit period, a total of 7 Championships led. Among them, both the domestic League crown, there are similar to the UEFA Cup Intercontinental Cup trophy. In addition to the champion element, Boas passion, but also on the Hong Kong Group executives quite valued. Less than 40 years old, called the Young Turks of the Portuguese, has a strong business analysis ability. At the same time, his tactical arrangements, field command, etc., there is always a passionate side, which is the biggest difference compared to Erickson. In the eyes of many people, the Hong Kong team in 2016 the process is poor, mainly reflected in the combat level. This time, you need to do a vibrant marshal. As for the negotiations with Boas, the Hong Kong Club in the embodiment of sincere sincerity, but also contains the results of the harsh requirements". The high-level group had last month to Europe, personally to visit Boas, but the whole trip is very confidential by the Group Chairman Chen Xuyuan personally take control. In addition to the huge salary, for the performance requirements, but also very clear. The club by Boas in 2017 to win a championship in three under the line of battle. If not completed, the Portuguese will leave guayin. Transfer into the two"相关的主题文章: