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Exposure to Arsenal winter window then Real Madrid icon PK Sherman, hutch two stars – Sohu sports winter window again after exposure to Arsenal in recent Real Madrid icon window, all the arsenal is "chase" Isko, unfortunately, Wenger was invited to Real Madrid icon. The British media "mirror" revealed that Arsenal will not easily give up the acquisition of easco, will be in January next year, the winter window after attempting to buy again. The newspaper pointed out that the acquisition of Isko ushered in the best time Arsenal, Real Madrid this season, his appearances, so he was very disappointed, has left Bernabeu’s determination. According to statistics, Real Madrid since the new season a total of 10 games, Isko has only played one of the 5 games, only 192 minutes of playing time, the Champions League has yet to debut, obviously, Isko ushered in the occupation career the biggest dilemma. Fleet Street, Isko leave will become more and more strong, but whether Arsenal would win it, it is not to say that the future is a real two transfer window banned signings, in addition easco once into the transfer market, there must be many clubs such as Real Madrid on the same panic buying, today the Juventus drool with envy. So, in addition to Arsenal prepared enough money, but also to "fix" Isko; of course, the next period of time easco Real Madrid in the Champions League in the group phase, so during the winter window Arsenal signed him, will not be the Gunners played in the Champions League knockout stage of the tournament. News from the British media, the sun said the Arsenal boss Wenger also eyeing two young players, one of which is Tiene, it is reported that he has been on the continuous investigation of his own for 18 months of the long time of the month, the news of the day, said the news of the day, the British side of the game, said the team is also the first time in the United states. Tiene is 19 years old, left defender, Scotland international, Celtic youth system trained players into the first team in 2014. So far, Tiene on behalf of the Celtics played 51 times, scoring 1 goals and 15 assists; this season, Tiene made 16 appearances for Celtic, with 7 assists, including the Champions League group phase 3-3 draw with Manchester City, the Celtics scored second assists. British media said the "sun", Wenger Gibbs has no hope, hope for Tiene to become Monreal’s stand; the report also pointed out that the City boss Guardiola also took a fancy to Tiene, to replace Chrissy’s contract expires next summer. In addition to Tiene, Arsenal still consider the introduction of Gong Carlo godes, Manchester United also took a fancy to the 19 year old genius. Godes Secretary winger, Portugal international, Benfica youth system trained players into the first team since 2014, on behalf of the Portuguese giants played 49 times, scoring 5 goals and 11 assists, including 9 appearances this season, scoring 1 goals and 2 assists. The British media "the sun" said Wenger, a recent period of time is very concerned about the performance of godes, he is regarded as the new C Ronaldo, the deal is expected to be completed in January next year, the winter window. It is reported that due to godes contract with Benfica in 2021 summer. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: