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Exposing Y-DNA identification technology in order to lock the police OPULENS serial murder suspect – Sohu news OPULENS "8? 05" series of female mutilation cracked the case, the first case of the incident has been 28 years. According to police reports, the Gansu Provincial Public Security Bureau through the Y-DNA chromosome test, initially identified the suspect, after fingerprint comparison and DNA further comparison, the final determination of the suspect. The relevant judicial expert to surging news () analysis, the core technology of the police cracked the case of the family name is detected by Y-DNA chromosome identification as the foundation, from the paternity test, "according to the traditional detection methods can not be detected". According to the briefing, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security in August 26th, the public security organs of continuous fighting, from May 1988 to February 2002 in Gansu province and Inner Mongolia Baotou two silver rape murder crime in 11, killing 11 people Gao Chengyong suspects were arrested. After the trial, Gao Chengyong confessed to the crimes of the. At present, the follow-up investigation of the case is carried out in an orderly manner. Y- DNA chromosome can lock the suspects the family name in general, at the scene of the crime, the suspect will leave DNA data available for the police to extract such as cigarette, blood, hair, dander and other contact DNA. Public security organs to lock criminals through the DNA individual identification technology." Shanghai Fenglin medical communication forensic forensic investigation Gu Xinghua told the surging news, the traditional mode of evidence and criminal suspects by DNA extracted from the crime scene are compared, combined with the specific case of the final confirmation. However, the reality is that if the suspect does not belong to the first time, in the police information database and relevant record information, which can extract DNA information and field comparison. At this stage, the police can only through different ethnic, geographical, family and other DNA distribution, gradually narrowing the scope of the final lock suspects. "The DNA individual identification technique is unique, except for identical twins." Gu Xinghua analysis, DNA comparison includes two categories, one is the chromosome, and the other is a sex chromosome. The sex chromosomes including X, Y, male XY, female XX, Y-DNA is the paternal genetic gene. "Y-DNA is identified in a paternity test, through the test, can determine the genetic material of human beings at the crime scene is from male or female; if it is male, can further determine the family name." Shanghai Ji as the medical director of information technology center, Yin Guoxing, was in the China people’s Liberation Army Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA engaged in research related medical DNA technology, in his opinion, the surname Y-DNA technique can reduce the detection costs, save the police, the public security organs to improve work efficiency. Yin Guoxing explained that each name has its specific markers like "bar code", "test by this code, can determine the male individual family ownership, so as to make scientific and effective detection of surname." Yin Guoxing analysis said that the surname detection, including direct surname detection and indirect surname detection. Direct detection, that is, with the tested samples have a clear pro"相关的主题文章: