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Explore the secrets of the 150 year old JACK DANIELS winery – Sohu after eating and drinking for a period of 2 months to find, JACK DANIELS found in China with the brand as the same as the "believe in their own faith," the Chinese "Jack", """. They are "independent, honest and true": Guo Lei, a veteran of Mount Huangshan, and a senior sommelier. JACK DANIELS invited them to visit the hometown of Jack, Tennessee, Fort Lynch, JACK DANIELS opened homage to adhere to 150 years of pilgrimage pilgrimage. More than and 10 hours of flight, from Shanghai to New York, and then turn to the southern United States, Kentucky, Louis, JACK DANIELS, a barrel factory tour opened our trip. The only produce oak winery handmade new oak, whiskey brewing high-quality pieces of natural dried oak strips of the craftsman after processing into barrels, then baked oak barrel carbide can be said to be the master of the life of whisky. JACK DANIELS whisky has become a popular global consumer respected the whiskey, coopery lastingachievements. Oak natural dried, handmade new oak barrels, high temperature baked carbide barrel, and adhere to the full self-control barrel of high quality, these are the achievements of JACK DANIELS natural amber color and mellow taste make indelible contribution. In order to ensure the taste and color of JACK DANIELS new oak for aging, the same as the founder of the brand "Mr. Jack", the life only one thing! And this tradition has persisted for 150 years! If you want to feel more close to JACK DANIELS’s charm, drove from Kentucky to Tennessee, Nashville, there are JACK DANIELS and co growth of American country music, and JACK DANIELS’s birthplace, the town of Fort Lynch. Legend of the nation’s oldest brewery registered JACK DANIELS, from 150 years ago, Mr. JACK DANIELS in the Tennessee town of Fort Lynch temperance registered JACK DANIELS brewery started. As Mr Jack’s birth, this town is only a traffic light, more than 600 households in the town, with distinct four seasons, without iron cave springs, the most suitable for brewing whiskey. Today, JACK DANIELS still follow the traditional process 150 years ago in the town of Lynch on brewing whiskey. And sell the world every drop of JACK DANIELS whisky, has all come from the town still dry. Cool, sweet, without iron springs cave is known as "the most suitable for the production of whisky water source not only personally designated, even winemakers have their own personal battle. Because Mr Jack believes that "age is not equal to maturity, so is whiskey."". At the age of 16 he established the first registered wineries he thinks wine and others, maturity depends on experience, rather than age. The concept of color, Wen Qixiang, its taste, he believed his taste and feel, as the first generation JACK DANIELS winemaker, he’ll taste every bottle of JACK DANIELS, to ensure the perfect smooth entrance exquisite quality, can be produced. So far, JACK DANIELS has spread to the seventh generation winemaker. Sugar maple charcoal filter unique.相关的主题文章: