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Expert: "chrysanthemum 1 corner" is worth inflated into the future or the currency king Wentu reporter Xie Jing this two days, "chrysanthemum 1 corner" became the new red net — the day before yesterday, the people’s Bank of Chinese issued a notice, decided since November 1, 2016, the fourth set of RMB 1 coins (commonly known as "chrysanthemum 1 corner") only don’t pay, means the coin issued from 1991 began to withdraw from the market, for the gold coin is "farewell" on the market, setting off a "chrysanthemum 1 corner" of heat. A lot of people out in the Sun online piggy bank "in the 1 corners of the chrysanthemum to show off their wealth, more news that a 2000" chrysanthemum 1 corner "has a thousand dollars worth of. In the end this chrysanthemum 1 corners can have much value? The reporter visited the market, antique coin collecting experts, the experts said, "a corner" chrysanthemum is the value of the collection, but should be 90% new currency, but also take into account the variety, complete series. Scattered coins in the home collection value is very low, keep the appreciation of the good". Q: in 2000, the 1 corners of the chrysanthemum value of thousands? Answer: the price is high, cost several hundred dollars for the network crazy "in 2000 1 sold a thousand chrysanthemum angle" information, the reporter interviewed the director of the Specialized Committee, coin collectors association of Fujian province Xiamen Numismatic Association Chen Lin. He first affirmed, the 2000 issue of the "chrysanthemum 1 corner" does have a higher value to the collection: "the 2000 issue of chrysanthemum 1 angle, not in circulation, and in the year 2000" China coin suite ", as collectibles for sale, the number of rare issue." "It ‘s a fourth – dollar coin with a closing coin." Wang Qinglin, President of Xiamen youth coin Association stressed. Therefore, the issue of Chrysanthemum in 2000 is indeed a considerable value. However, Chen Lin and Wang Qinglin have denied the thousands of price, the price is completely inflated, a few hundred dollars expensive." Do not rule out some businesses took the opportunity to hype, offer high, easy to ship their own." Xia Shang Zhou Antique City, there are 25 years of experience in the collection of coins to remind the store owner. Q: have loose coins to make a fortune? Answer: Home scattered money "their appreciation of good" "chrysanthemum 1 corner" of the news, many people and the number that inadvertently carry off all that one has, leaving a number of "chrysanthemum 1 corner", "look rich, more netizens hold dozens of" chrysanthemum 1 corner "," sit in bid 1 sell 250". But experts said that the "circulation chrysanthemum 1 angle" and not the value of the collection, only at home, some years to enjoy "nostalgia". Chinese Numismatic Society member, executive director of the Institute of Fujian Province, Xiamen City coin coin Association Ding Jiannan explained that the collection of coins, conform to "homogeneous varieties, the whole series, good appearance, small objects" standard, the public house scattered coins, mostly flow through the "1 corners" Chrysanthemum ", the first phase is not good, easy to wear and damage. Secondly, more than a single, the lack of collection, a single species. A set of, such as 1991-1999 chrysanthemum 1 corners of the new coins, only the collection value." Q: Tibet ten years there is no room for appreciation? Answer: to 90% or more, should pay attention to save bundles while sitting on a loose coins;相关的主题文章: