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Expectant mothers will also have a pregnancy reaction – Sohu maternal and child thinking in the pregnancy reaction should be a normal physiological reaction of your mother’s early pregnancy. But the teacher came to tell you today: prospective father will have a pregnancy reaction. Fetal growth in the mother, but my father will have a pregnancy reaction". It is not surprising that the mother and the physiological changes in the heart of the same time affect the prospective father. The rise in early fetal education, father and baby baby fetus will set up the deep affection between father and son, father like mother care for fetal growth and development. Father plays an important role in the process of gestation. So if the father appears "nausea", waist circumference increases, or mood swings, appear a little fragile, do not worry too much, this is a normal reaction. Do not be careless expectant mothers some pregnant women, in the early stages of pregnancy, often appear similar to the symptoms of the disease, in fact, is pregnant to bring maternal discomfort. After pregnancy, especially in the early stage, the immune system will decline, so that pregnant women are susceptible to infection by viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Cold is the most frequent, whether it is true or false cold, cold, do not know their own pregnancy is likely to eat cold treatment and relieve aches and pain or headache medication. In this way, not only just in the womb among the fetal harm is very great, also will bring trouble to pregnant women. Because pregnant women will soon learned the news of pregnancy, when that medication or illness is pregnant, which mother baby’s health concerns? Can not leave a lot of regret? Can not let myself regret? Can not in that news of pregnancy was also worried over this needs to do a careful? The mother. Careful mother note: (1) the health check is necessary, pre pregnancy health examination is a must. Don’t forget to do the check when planning a pregnancy. A pregnancy test in detail, and friends can read the teacher to the south. (2) the husband and wife to have a baby plan, to think of the baby may come at any time. So, when mothers feel uncomfortable, do not need medication; medication, consult a doctor must well tell the doctor you are planning a pregnancy, doctors will choose no drugs on the fetus, if do not need medication, the doctor will tell you. Even non prescription drugs can’t be decided on their own because early embryos are sensitive to most drugs. (3) when the unit tells you that you need to go to the hospital for a medical examination, you may want to think that you may have been pregnant, although menstruation is just over, do not go to the fetus, especially X. (4) when you are preparing for home decoration, it is necessary to think of some decoration materials harmful to the human body, the fetus is very sensitive to harmful substances in the environment. (5) when you attend a friends birthday party, business entertainment, major celebrations, holiday dinner, to drink a toast, then you should think of their physical condition, try to drink no alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Fruit juice, vegetable protein drinks, lactic acid bacteria drinks is a good choice. You can’t smoke. All around you:相关的主题文章: