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Exclusive review: Guoan selected not temporary coach Phoenix sports commentator: Zhi Shen Lu a total investment of fifteen to six hundred million, a level of secrecy, Dunga and Erickson Marshal refused…… mysterious Xuanshuai breath, strong stimulus, which in the end to Guoan large coffee please coach? In the end, after the global layers of screening, after a large number of Ming and Qing to meet a large number of names, the national security finally robbed of their male one: Jose. Mourinho Jose?! Oh, no, it’s Jose – Gonzales… The manager announced that the national security has become one of the headlines. First of all, people Tucao is that fifteen of the cattle are blowing, you gave me a choice of this? As for the choice of right, the ability of Jose to what level, it is after, although this process seems to be a pragmatic choice. If there is no Manzano assistant identity, fans and insiders believe senior will be very strange to Jose, although the coach last season in the famous Spanish League led by Granada completed the relegation relegation hardship. Manzano’s identity and national security assistant assistant experience to Jose for two years, Beijing cleared a lot of obstacles and suspicion, more add a lot of persuasiveness and credibility, reputation, ability in Nabuchushou did not get recognized under the premise of full understanding and familiar with the team, the little man is often the most important weight and push the rhetoric. National security in the end the money no money? Why did you choose such a coach? After the failure of high-level national security Zaccheroni, let in Xuanshuai about like a badly frightened person, please big coach means to complete decentralization, and fully in accordance with the concept of transformation of the team, the new coach overturned the tactics team to persist for several years, is likely to be the last season the team played ofanything Zach era so, as the situation, to maintain the existing style and style of play, although the results may not be a big breakthrough and improvement, but not last season because of the coach did not know the team lead to the collapse of the situation, the background and ideas, so that national security line to Jose. Jose must not be the best manager, but he is certainly the least risk and the most obedient of the candidates. National security has been in the past few years for life, but in giving people a superficial reform deep feeling, the natural advantages of capital so that the ball will have a commanding superiority overlooking the country from the boss to the player, Guoan newbier, national security top cow force, there is a view of the method and to ignore others Niubi, born playfully and it is difficult to make this style uncle club boss and the player is very difficult under high head. Do not and we have more than the national security, do not and our national security force, you are Spanish or Italian, do not accept you! This way of thinking and style caused a foreign coach can do three years in the national security of the wonderful phenomenon. Yang Shuai Cholich, from the first to the last season during the national security Zaccheroni, experienced Peter, Carlos, Li Zhangzhu, Pacheco, Manzano and so on, Sita, eight coach, the diamond eight all did not adhere to the third years in the country, regardless of the result is good or bad, which is a leech Joe 3 round was short-lived after class the ghost, even the popular Pacheco and Li Zhangzhu have not been spared, and.相关的主题文章: