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UnCategorized If you’re an entrepreneur or in business yourself, or you’re among the highest ranks in the corporate world, no doubt you’ve had the message drilled in your head: "If you want to be successful, you’ve got to read ‘Think and Grow Rich.’" And it’s true – I know almost all the top guys online and many of the best marketers in the world. I’m not aware of any of them who have read it fewer than a half dozen times. In fact they’ll tell you the more they read it, the more successful they became. That’s my experience, too, especially once I read it from the standpoint of helping others master Napoleon Hill’s classic book from 1937 (I only use the Original Version, because it was changed many times over the years, even long after he died in 1970.) The thing about "Think and Grow Rich", as great as it is and as much as it can transform your life… the promise of the title has not been fulfilled for most people who’ve read the book. In fact statistics I’ve seen say "Think and Grow Rich" has sold either 50,000,000 or 60,000,000 copies, depending on what your source is. Yet the book is widely credited with creating 1,000,000 millionaires. Why not 50,000,000 or 60,000,000 millionaires? Why have fewer than 2% of the people who bought "Think and Grow Rich" been able to *Think* and *Grow* Rich? The simple answer goes back to the fact that the most successful business people read it repeatedly and read it often. For example, especially when they’re just starting to become successful, they keep it near them and read it at any breaks in the day – while they’re on-hold, waiting in an airport for their flight to leave, on the subway to and from work. They also listen to the audios of the Original 1937 Version while they’re driving. Because it’s that constant reinforcement, over several weeks and months, that transforms how they *Think*, which then does result in them becoming *Rich*. And, again, how rich they become is proportional to how often they study the book’s teachings and allow it to change how they think. We know it takes most people three weeks to a month to make something a habit, and how we think is just a habit, too, the result of how we’ve become used to thinking. This is really "The Secret" to taking the wisdom in Napoleon Hill’s book and allowing it to deliver on its promise of making us rich. Let’s look at it this way – most people have been trained to think of themselves as being the victim of circumstance and not having much power over their fate. They’ve also been trained to lose interest in something and quickly move onto the next thing, so they don’t spend much time with anything and really benefit from any of it. "Think and Grow Rich" isn’t meant to entertain you, although it will if you just read it casually. It’s meant to transform how you think, and it will if you use it the way Napoleon Hill intended. Think about it. Your habits of thought, how you think, developed over a period of probably decades, and they determine all aspects of your life from how wealthy you are to how happy, how confident and how fulfilled you feel. If you don’t have everything you want, right now, then how you think isn’t entirely supporting you. Because as you know if you’ve studied "Think and Grow Rich" at least a half dozen times as the most successful people you respect, your life now is the exact result of your previous thinking. You’ve heard the old cliche – and they become cliches because they’re true – "change your mind, change your life". That’s the essence of how you will Think and Grow Rich. The point of studying "Think and Grow Rich" six or more times is that continual exposure to this empowering wisdom will over time change your habits of thinking, replacing the old habits that no longer support who you are today. Instead, they build in you the habits of *knowing* and keeping in mind you have the power to create anything you want, and you have in the training the exact way of making it yours. Once you’ve reached the "Thought Tipping Point" where the ongoing infusion of the Think and Grow Rich Philosophy has replaced your old habits of thought, then very quickly your life becomes better in all areas, and you start living the promise of the title. That’s when you’ll *Think* and *Grow* Rich! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: