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Even if Naizhen Shaw is very good, but finally you better source: Bamboo clusters recently inexplicable gilt Hwan hooked on "smiled very little and the premise is", I did not fall into the cyclone Crazy Chase drama, because to be honest, this story is not particularly attractive to me, so. The only known also is still only stay in to watch the weekend afternoon before the three episode, but "Yang Yang" a smile very little in micro-blog’s popularity makes it hard to ignore, so after again and again by the majority of users and finishing after Sue pink fragments after baptism, I successfully bowed to the Xiao Nai the white shirt under every twinkle and smile ". There are so many netizens brain hole wide open "complained" that: "the society owes me a sum is even, even the University also owe me a Xiao Nai, not happy". For more of the girls braved the pink bubble, it is: inexplicable want to fall in love! But to tell the truth, after all, is a fictional story set, return to reality, the same value will have the same color, will also have the same IQ, the family is also a lot of boyfriends force, warm man people also can have various points, let alone the additional ability, but if all in one, after all I only have a sharp stroke in a variety of the idol writers. So Xiao Nai will attract us, min Jun XI will fire in a complete mess, perhaps in the future there will be a variety of "Wuli husband boyfriend" was born, and constantly refresh our limit for the other half of the requirements, but the focus now on the side are not usually ordinary him? So there will be a lot of people sigh: now in the side of the people with the original fantasy is not the same person, or even not at the same level, but that is – how can not be separated from it? So a friend will be issued with emotion: the original love is really no reason, but there is no fair, had so much to think about, actually do not care about the end. Love at first sight is the face and internal accumulation exudes temperament and charm, just like that once met with long hair or white shirt in basketball, but this is a small concept in life is long and affectionate rijiushengqing. This is I hate you are dull, but every day to chat with me is you, so gradually, I have also begun to care about you, then, to discover that the original you and I have so many hobbies and interests in common, then I do not know about being attracted. I have to think about how to have 175, but it is the 170 of you, so good English, but also painting, so I have no complaints accepted. …………….. Looks, height, education, family and other it will be other flash point dilution dark sensual. So you have a little problem and I don’t like hobby, I also have a growing contact you unexpected headstrong and childish, after all is a vivid individuality different environment to create, friction always often, and will contact with the more obvious and prominent, but somehow, just accept it, and completely inclusive. Then, we side perfect TV Series) anthomaniac相关的主题文章: