European Masters qualifying Zhao Xintong 4-1 into the second round of the return of Ding

European Masters qualifiers Zhao Xintong 4-1 in the second round of Ding Junhui retired Zhao Xintong (data plan) sina sports news Beijing time on the night of September 26th, the European Masters qualifiers started, 6 players played on the first day of China, Zhao Xintong teenager beat Sam 4-1 Baird, Yan Bingtao 4-0 win over compatriot Tian Pengfei, two people hand in hand into the second qualifying Cao Yupeng, Tian Pengfei, Chen Zhe, and Lee was eliminated, missed the match. In addition, just won the Shanghai masters Ding Junhui retreat, his first round qualifying opponents Yu Delu automatic promotion. European masters as a new ranking this year, is being held on October 3rd -10, 9, held in Romania, capital of Bucharest, the total prize money of $350 thousand, the championship bonus of $75 thousand. Qualification of 128 people with a large list, all players must qualify through two rounds of qualifying to participate in the final race, the qualifying game with the 7 game of the 4 wins. China has 14 players, including Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo. The first round of qualifying in the afternoon at the beginning of 5, two players Chinese successful promotion in the war Baird Zhao Xintong Ying, Baird 62-27 before the next city, Zhao Xintong did not receive the effect of losing the first game, the next round of tug of war with 71-48 and 70-45 win, score counter ultra, then in the fourth inning has hit a single shot 50 points and a single shot 76 points to 126-8 will expand the score to 3-1, the fifth game of Zhao Xintong after the control of the situation, did not give the opponent the opportunity, scored 67 points to win the super, ended the game with 4-1, the next round will be against me. Another advanced to the second round of qualifying Yan Bingtao today’s opponent is Tian Pengfei Tian Pengfei, the game like sleepwalking, no state, but Yan Bingtao still gave the opponent more chance, not a single shot 50+ game, eventually play better with Yan Bingtao 78-5, 77-15, 76-16 and 64-1 to win the game, the next round will blue and Burns for the race tickets. China other players, Wilde Cao Yupeng against Michael – the game had a chance to win, Cao Yupeng will start with two cities, the opponent draws one game and Cao Yupeng hit a single shot 62 points 3-1 lead, then he suddenly misfiring, opponents win three games to reverse 4-3, unfortunately eliminated. Li Hang and Tom Ford in the game has been lagging behind, Ford first won two games in second innings and hit a single shot 101 points, Lee 50-49 point to a board, then lost the key board, down 1-3, although fifth Lee with a single shot 59 points saved match point, but Ford was eventually won the six game, 2-4 defeated out. Chen Zhe met the opponent is Jimmy Robertson, the former two opponents feel hot, which hit a single shot 127 points and 67 points, lost the rhythm of Chen Zhe behind the two defensive battle is of no advantage, eventually lost 0-4 to Robertson, stop in qualifying. The following will be played in the second day of the Chinese players as well as Zhou Yuelong, Zhang Anda, Fang Xiong slow, Zhang Yong, and Hongkong players相关的主题文章: