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UnCategorized A website for non profits is not different than a normal website. In fact it offers more features than typical corporate websites. Other than that some basic essentials needed for a corporate website is needed in the web designing of a non-profit website such as easy to navigate, user friendliness, appropriate typography (font styles and colors) and standard layouts. A typical website for non profits should be able to guide the viewers through links that allow you to access and find out about the NPO’s (Non Profit Organization) cause in detail and give away information on ways and means to donate money and to be.e more involved into their activities by volunteering. The website must provide contact information of key personnel’s, if any. The basic requirement for non-profit websites is that they are donor friendly. Their major motive is to receive donations from individuals or other .anizations. One must make sure that the donation process is kept simple and straight forward and hassle-free. It is advisable to keep a prominent link to the donation page from the homepage. Be sure that the website does not ask for any more information than a normal online transaction would ask for. The actual process of donation should be made as simple and easy as possible. Try and restrict the donation form to a single page, because of not being sure on how the connectivity at the time of filling the form is, when it exceeds a page the information entered earlier might be lost. Taking care of these things would facilitate the donor to a great extent. Getting media attention can prove to enhance the familiarity of a website for non profits. The media attention may raise more money directly or help add credentials to the profile of your .anization. Getting attention from a journalist, a blogger, or anyone famous is important. Make it easy for the media to find information about your .anization. Provide images or articles that help advertise your .anization that are easily accessible to the media so that they do not need to rely on your response or permission to go ahead with the promotion. Also, it is advisable to make your website volunteer friendly because not everyone may be able to help in the form of donations, some may really want to help you out by getting themselves involved in your activities. Encourage volunteers by making it simple for them to contact you by providing multiple contacting means. Make sure more emphasis is given to the content than the design for a website for non profits. Your website should be as transparent as possible. Also make sure your column width dimension is sufficient enough to incorporate photos and videos that may be updated in the future. The logo of the .anization should be consistently the same both in your print promotional materials and your website; this increases the brand recognition of the .anization. The website should be duly updated and proof read so that there is no place for errors or mistakes that might bring about a negative outlook towards the .anization. Finally, to increase the traffic on your website you can always include a news section or a blogging section in your website. Also constantly edit and update the content to increase the search engine visibility. Make website for non profits stand out, to remind individuals of your cause! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: