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Erwin: Guardiola Manchester City’s biggest rival is Barcelona Real Madrid win Erwin klopp pressure field and comment sina sports news Erwin column here! Former England striker Michael – Erwin, in the Sina’s "best" column in the weekly fixed column, and we met. In this column, Erwin talked about Mourinho, Klopp, La Liga title, losing to Manchester City and other topics. Manchester City, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur played a classic Pochettino, Manchester City seems to be unable to deal with. Spurs are better organized in the game, and to maintain high pressure, which makes Manchester City is extremely inappropriate. Of course, Manchester City also played some wonderful moments, thanks to Aguero. Manchester City or occupy most of time on the ball, the ball they can effect is not outstanding, but also can not find a suitable way to break the door guarded by Loris. Although lost to Tottenham, but Guardiola’s team remains in the Premier League, so they do not need to make too much change. However, Guardiola also have to seriously consider some hidden dangers. For example, after the defender over pressure to bring greater risk, these problems have to be solved. United actual performance than the results Mourinho Manchester United draw against Storck City, I live at Old Trafford, I agree with Mourinho that this game is a game played the season best. If they have been able to play this level this season, Manchester United will not have lost as many as 3 games. Last season, Manchester United 16 points after the first round of the game, this season, Manchester United lower than the same period last year by 3 points. Nevertheless, Manchester United’s actual performance, better than the results of the previous three rounds of the game. However, Mourinho Manchester United have a lot of work to do, so as to be a good team player into a whole bellipotent. As for Manchester United to play Storck City, it is because the goalkeeper of the city of Storck is very good, he is undoubtedly the best player in the game. The Red Devils created a lot of chances in the game after the game, as Mourinho pointed out, they should get a victory. United’s next match will play in Liverpool, they will suffer a huge challenge klopp, United will certainly not like last game time wasted opportunity. The battle for the League Championship and the league championship, is mainly between Real Madrid and Barcelona and Atletico, but the 7 round after the game, Barcelona had lost 2 games, while Real Madrid in the last four games is four Lianping, in this case, the La Liga title race will be more interesting. I think three Spanish giants will dominate again this season, they have the best player, Atletico have the best overall, while Real Madrid is the Champions League champions. Although I hope that Real Madrid win, but I think it will be Barcelona this season’s La liga. Klopp, led by Liverpool, has become the city’s main challenger, Klopp, who has been teaching in Liverpool for a year, and he has had a huge positive impact on Liverpool. This is the final four, he and Liverpool’s goal. But now it seems to me that they are a strong contender for the Premier League title this season相关的主题文章: