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England open the first battle 4-0 Ding Junhui swept into the top 64 Ding Junhui (information) sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, the 2016 England Snooker Open China start, a total of 16 including Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun, the players, in Beijing late on the first round, Chinese players Ding Junhui and Lee are swept by the score of 4-0 opponents to advance to the next round. The England open is the British open one of four series, held in October 10th this year to 16 during the day, the total prize money of 366 thousand pounds, 70 thousand pounds champion exclusive, all 128 players in the squad to start playing from the first round, after 6 round knockout to the championship finals. Ding Junhui in the first round against the opponent is Mitchell Mann, ranked 114th in the world, the competition in Beijing 8 pm start. Start the first game after several rounds of defense, Mann will a red ball hit the red ball into the bag, Ding Junhui started, scored 24 points after the attack, attack the ball at the bottom of the bag after Mann started not into the ball back, after Ding Junhui took over again 12 points, then the two sides once again into the defensive war, several back and forth after Ding Junhui to seize the opportunity to use 64-1 to win the first game. The second is Ding Junhui started the first single, scored 41 points after take place the cue ball poorly, choose to play ball coffee K ball ball into the goal stack, but leaving no chance to attack, the two sides began to fight in defense, Ding Junhui tried to push the ball into the top of the bag behind the red bag opportunity, Mann red ball into use, single rod after 48 points into the defense, in the final stage of the ball or Ding Junhui better, to rewrite the score 2-0. The third is still Ding Junhui first started, scored 44 points after transferred to the defense, a defensive struggle after Mann Ding Junhui once again started to this vulnerability, 75-0 super win, will expand the score to 3-0. The fourth game of Ding Junhui first started, 6 hours after the death of the cue ball stick powder ball, attack to defense, to get 16 points after the failure of Mann missed opportunities, Ding Junhui once again started, Ding Junhui appeared relatively rare mistakes leading 59-16 the remaining 5 balls, hitting a low lever ball out of the table, a bar, took the opportunity to Mann to get started, scoring to attack a red bag at the end of last time offset, and the table returned to the opponent, Ding Junhui 92-47 win, the score will be locked in the 4-0, in the second round. Another Chinese player Li Hangjiao earlier in the 4-0 victory over the opponent ended the first round of the game, the opponent is Arrakis – Berg. The first Bureau of Li Hang in 29-21 to get the opportunity to get started, hit a single shot 51 points to 80-21 points to win the first game, second game play more tangled, multi round sides back and forth repeatedly contest Lee to win 56-54 adventure, at 2-0, third Berg 45-20 lead after Lee hit a single shot 56 single board reversed the score will be expanded to 3-0, the fourth opponents have been uninterested, Lee for a single shot 81 points for winning the victory, which swept through to the next round. (a film)相关的主题文章: