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Empty cloud old monk: why Buddha said 49 years said he did not say a word? The heart of the Buddha sentient beings, three difference (source: Phoenix Buddhism) speaking practice, not practice, is an empty talk, you and I through his a light heart, now no matter what is said, and do not repair repair. Look at the teacher Shakya Muni Buddha show, a visit, six years of ascetic preaching, see the night stars, sighed and said: "strange, strange, earth, all have Buddha wisdom, only because of delusions persist, can’t attain, if delusion, is pure natural wisdom, wisdom, wisdom without teacher, self however, the present." After that forty-nine years, and said "not saying a word", since the ancient founder, is that "the Buddha heart strain, sentient beings, three differences" and "Zhizhirenxin, or use all persuasion, Buddhahood upon en lightenment" bar or drink, are all except scholars to direct his delusion, "general self conscience, see self nature, not false a convenient, Hokudo, said that the Buddha will repair the card, we will understand the jiaoran. You and I are the mind, have clean, come from all over, a constant refinement of sand, like all Buddhas, but do not think about good and evil, and you can go to that site, to sit so what Peace reigns over the land. That can be repaired, not empty talk about practice? But you and I are the mind, seeking outward relaxation, delusion of dedication, can not be separated from, since did not start, no worries, life and death cycle, more with more thick, early know since the heart is buddha. The cicada, also refused to bear, no winner, no courage ton output capacity, long live in delusion, perseverance, behavior, as all die, Zen Tao, not from the heart, ones, greed Chiai, too strong to break, draw further apart, these two kinds of people, students death has no rotation, when not practice, it is empty. So the husband, straightforward, well aware of everything, from ancient to modern times, there are no self, pipe dream, people faudon empty, Wan Yuan Ju, a million years, until no life, others see him food and clothing, posture, as ordinary people, but he sat himself clean too flat home, enjoy the endless the treasure, not inaction, such as free movement, and only he knows. Not only celebrated six people God ghost glimpse he is not broken, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas also help others is not what he said, so what cultivating or not? The second one, must initiate the ambition, read the pain of life and death, ashamed heart, precision, visit state parameters, Chang Qiushan knowledge, indicating the way, prospecting resolution state, "polish, regarded as", "Jianghan to Zhuo, the autumn sun exposure to" gradually into pure white. This is not to say the practice. Speaking not moved on, still some people seem to think that, Hokudo, "muddy", but Tingqiu progenitor late to day away, for group machine, have so long winded, the real theory, speaking practice, not practice, it is empty, straight down to nothing, the no matter what, let the opening, Bodhisattva ah, would you? [introduction] master virtual cloud the old monk, Chinese modern monk biography. Born in 1840, died in Quanzhou as mother, father. When Lewen Dharma to monk, father as a wife and two pure. The 19 year old fled to Fujian Gushan Yongquan Temple monk, the following year by the sangha. Zen.相关的主题文章: