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Emergency classification system to ensure implementation of Shanghai in critically ill patients receive preferential treatment in emergency classification system is to hang the emergency patients, the implementation of classification and treatment in accordance with the conditions and not on the basis of the "order of priority, in order of arrival". This means that some critically ill patients can not line up to see a doctor, while others need long time waiting, and some may even be rejected in emergency room. 1 this month, with the implementation of the Shanghai Emergency Medical Service Ordinance, the international convention, has been fully implemented in the hospital in Shanghai, it will The climate does not suit one.? November 5th at noon, the emergency department of Ruijin hospital emergency green passage, there was an ambulance sent ten bus accident injured. After the pre check, doctors judge not seriously wounded. A few minutes later, some of the injured were arranged to do examinations, the rest distributed to all relevant departments are waiting. This is the emergency treatment. Patients were either sent an ambulance, or to come, they have to accept pre. According to the patient’s medical staff will have their order of priority, into a class, two class, three emergency emergency general, four non emergency four, corresponding to the corresponding treatment. Ruijin hospital, vice president Chen Erzhen said, a patient two patients need to complete the count every minute and second, three or four minutes, the patient may spend half an hour, or even a few hours to complete. So we can focus our emergency medical resources on those dying. In other words, even if the ambulance sent the patient, may not be able to give priority to visit. And come to the patient, if the situation is dangerous, you can advance to see a doctor. Like the nosebleed not only middle-aged men, because in the emergency personnel, measure the high blood pressure, may have the risk of cerebrovascular disease, was immediately given priority registration, preferential treatment. In order to avoid preferential treatment in critically ill patients misunderstood other patients, causing unnecessary disputes, some hospitals also made improvements on electronic queuing system. Like children’s hospital emergency station, according to the severity of the small patient’s condition, the issuance of different colors of the registration form. Look at the Knews news reporter found at the scene, there is a child high fever 39, pre after his father got a grade B registration form. After registration, the system will automatically call them in the sequence of priority treatment. Such a change so that the father was very moved. System optimization is also to some extent the liberation of the doctors, otherwise, they have to spend a lot of time and energy to explain to other families of children. Children’s hospital emergency doctor said that although the nurse found the child’s condition is relatively heavy, but also let him come to see a doctor in advance, but there is no identification number, and sometimes it will cause some disputes parents. Now, parents can understand that. Over the years, the hospital emergency room is anxious, because there are a large number of non emergency patients to register. Hospitals can not be rejected, but the influx of a large number of non emergency patients, will undoubtedly delay the efficiency of emergency. Ruijin hospital emergency department director Gao Weiyi said, to our emergency department to see a doctor, truly meet the emergency pointer of patients, conservative estimate is not more than 50%. The statistics for the rescue car, to achieve the critical level, the need to enter the resuscitation room patients less than 20%. Another example pediatric specialist hospital, take a look at the news reporter Knews mining相关的主题文章: