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| When there’s an emergency, we automatically rely on the dedication and skill of police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and rescue workers to .e to our aid. But have you ever wondered about the emergency equipment they use, and how it allows first responders to get the job done? Here is a sampling of the equipment that the America’s bravest and finest use in their work to save lives and keep us safe. Gloves There’s no doubt that first responders need to protect their hands. EMS personnel and police officers often use disposable medical gloves. They are generally hypoallergenic and relatively strong, so that emergency personnel are protected from bodily fluids and other dangerous substances they might encounter. Firefighters wear NFPA firefighting gloves, which are made from materials like Kevlar and Nomex that protect from punctures and slashes and which have a moisture barrier and thermal lining. Rescue workers often wear extrication gloves, which often feature knuckle protectors, anti-slip fingertip and palm patches, and flame resistant materials. .munications .munication among personnel is critical in emergencies, so first responders often rely upon Relm or Motorola wireless portable radios. They’re small, lightweight, and rugged, and often feature multiple scan functions and two-tone decoders and encoders. Mobile radios have a base set with a wired handset, as well as front-panel controls and an LCD display. They typically allow emergency personnel to assign one-touch control buttons to a wide variety of functions, such as scan control, emergency call, public address operation, and send page. Gear Cases Police officers must carry virtually all of the tools they need on their belts. Strong, high-quality belts are a necessity, as are cases for each of their tools. Boston Leather is the preferred manufacturer for many police officers, since the .pany offers everything from flashlight cases and handcuff cases to handcuff straps and ammunition holders. The manufacturer also supplies officers with holsters, radio holders, ID holders, impact weapons, and even K-9 leather. Rescue workers also rely on gear cases, most often using what are called "hip kits," Hip kits are meant to be clipped on to the waistband or worn on a belt, and typically include utility shears, bandage shears, splinter forceps, straight forceps, penlight, and a lock blade knife. Safety Equipment for Everyone We can all take a page from police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and rescue workers, and be as prepared as possible for emergencies. Sometimes life-threatening incidents occur and it’s just not possible to call 911. One tool that emergency personnel use for water rescues, for example, should be a must-have for boaters, climbers, bikers, and virtually anyone who enjoys wilderness activities. The Frisbuoy is an innovative device that has the aerodynamic characteristics of a large flying disc, but that has a sealed flotation chamber that will keep someone’s head above water while he or she is pulled to safety. The 80 feet of line wound around the outside diameter of the disc uncoils as it sails past the person in distress, who can grab either the rope or the disc and then be steadily pulled to safety by the rescuer. Hopefully, you’ll never be in a situation where you have to call upon first responders and their emergency equipment. If you are, though, you can appreciate the gear that helps them get the job done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: