Eleven small holiday, with a few samples of the sudden increase in equipment, out of the waves. – So mide-031

Eleven small holiday, with a few samples of the sudden increase in equipment, out of the waves. Sohu technology ride on it a second encounter last week to recommend a few friends at home travel goods.. Very bad friends are welcome, especially the universal post stikk, found more than two hours was finished seconds.. Of course, in order to meet the needs of the majority of poor friends do not buy stikk, the black market has entered a batch of goods! The last batch of bad friends to buy big, do not ask why, go to the black market to see ~) for the upcoming eleven small holiday, I do not know where the poor are ready to wave? The second is to think no matter what equipment, or less ah.. Today the second give poor equipment ~ friends recommend several eleven essential travel market good intelligent power motorcycle designed for young Yunma C1 the first one, other cool, awesome life, good safety performance, Bremen C1 motorcycle very high price. To tell the truth, the first time that Yunma C1, 2 and colleagues have been attracted to this simple but not simple style. The whole black paint with orange battery, calm and lively. (color really Sao… Feel it is necessary to give the poor friends to explain what is the electric bicycle.. Simply put, is in the ordinary bicycle is installed on the battery, controller and other electromechanical equipment, in the daily cycling process can provide us with auxiliary power, let us ride more effort. Back to the topic. Let’s take a look at this C1, the biggest difference with the ordinary bicycle is behind the seat more than a big ass – battery. (the rear wheel is no gas, well) and the vehicle design is very reasonable, even if the height of 180cm can easily manage, short distance riding is very labor-saving and comfortable, riding 100% turns.. C1 is also equipped with an electronic stopwatch, can display the current speed, the total mileage, mileage and battery information current driving. There is a piece of electronic stopwatch paddles on the edge, can display the mileage information. (there are 5 modes can be switched at the same time) found even cooler is small when the vehicle speed is higher than that of 5km h, press the paddles can switch from pure electric mode to help smooth. This is equivalent to an electric car… And both ends of the silica gel sets the grip is very comfortable, addictive. The design of the brake is also very user-friendly, when you brake, the control system will be issued quickly and accurately the command, the motor will no longer provide power, so you ride more secure. The table on the back there is a USB socket for charging. There is a headlight before the car, the headlights have a power switch to control the bright lights. Night driving can also provide adequate lighting brightness. After the warning lights in the battery, and the battery removed, can be found inside a USB socket, can do a charge treasure, for mobile phone emergency charging… Four stars!相关的主题文章: