” eleven ” golden week pale gold single week decline lows in the past 3 years, Chongqing w-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

"Eleven" golden week gold by single week decline lows in the past 3 years, Chongqing window — people.com.cn Beijing Economic Daily News (reporter Wen Jicong) in October 9th, nearly two weeks, the international price of gold continued to decline. As of October 9th, New York COMEX Gold News closed at 1258.60 U.S. dollars, the lowest in nearly 4 months, while during the eleven golden week, the total weekly price of gold fell by 5%, the largest decline in nearly 3 years. According to the price of gold fell nearly two weeks, MF Institute of finance gold precious metals analyst Xie? Said the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to continue to heat up is the most important reason. "The Fed is expected to rise sharply in December, and the dollar index has climbed to a new two – month high, forcing the price of gold." Thanks? Said the U.S. economy is still recovering, which showed a steady rebound in the level of inflation, the unemployment rate fell to about 5%, since the 2008 international financial crisis lows, and payrolls stable at around 200 thousand, the United States is close to full employment and inflation targets. The three major u. S. indices have also been innovating, and both the consumer confidence index and the residents’ income have shown signs of a significant warming. In addition, a number of recent Federal Reserve officials have published hawkish remarks that the economic conditions for interest rate hikes have matured, and an interest rate hike in December is an appropriate choice. According to the latest Chicago interest rate futures model predicted by the Fed’s interest rate increase probability, the market believes that the rate of increase in interest rate in November is 10%, and the rate of interest rate increase in December is up to 66%. In the view of the Beijing sun gold general manager Yu Guiying, the recent market such as "the British suffered significant economic increase" against the possibility of financial statements, the pound fell, the dollar, and ultimately to the international price of gold to add a lot of downward pressure. Due to the continued weakening of gold prices, the price of gold ornaments in some shopping malls in Beijing has ended continuously, and it has been down for the first time since 2016. For example, in October 9th, Beijing sun gold gold jewelry prices adjusted to 319 yuan gram, member price is 314 yuan, a decrease of 10 yuan. However, although experienced a significant decline in the past two weeks, but overall, this year, the international gold price has risen nearly 20%, a greater increase. Yu Guiying believes that investors buying gold at the beginning of the year will have significant value-added returns. In the second half of this year, the international price of gold rose to power a bit tired, especially the impact of the U.S. rate hike expectations or will continue for a period of time. "The fall of this round of gold price is a good purchase for investors." Xie said that the current global economic growth is weak, Japan and Europe are deeply deflationary, and the major central banks in the world are still inclined to loose monetary policy. In addition, in December, Italy will take a constitutional change referendum to determine the reform of its political system, and it is likely to be a "black swan" event that is no less than Britain’s removal from Europe. As a result, gold prices in the future may be rising steadily, and holding gold is still one of the best options for investment.

"十一"黄金周黄金失色 单周跌幅创近3年来新低–重庆视窗–人民网  经济日报北京10月9日讯(记者温济聪)近两周,国际金价持续走低。截至10月9日,纽约COMEX黄金报收于1258.60美元 盎司,创下近4个月以来的新低;而在“十一”黄金周期间,金价单周总跌幅约5%,创近3年来最大跌幅。   针对金价近两周的下跌,明富金融研究所黄金贵金属分析师谢?表示,美联储年内加息预期持续升温是最为重要的原因。   “美联储12月加息预期大幅升温,美元指数攀升至两个月新高,从而打压了金价。”谢?表示,美国经济仍然在复苏的轨道上,既表现在通胀水平稳步回升,失业率降至5%左右,为2008年国际金融危机以来新低,而且非农就业数据稳定在20万附近,美国正接近充分就业和通胀目标。美国三大股指也屡创新高,消费者信心指数和居民收入都有了明显的回暖迹象。此外,近期多名美联储官员发表鹰派言论,认为加息的经济条件已经成熟,12月份加息一次是适宜的选择。根据最新的芝加哥利率期货模型预测的美联储加息概率,市场认为11月的加息概率为10%,12月加息概率则升至66%。   在北京太阳金店总经理于桂英看来,近期市场出现了诸如“英国遭受重大经济金融打击的可能性加大”等言论,致使英镑下跌,美元走强,并最终为国际金价添加了不少下行压力。受金价持续走弱影响,北京部分商场黄金饰品价格结束连涨态势,迎来2016年以来首次下调。例如,10月9日,北京太阳金店黄金饰品价格调整为319元 克,会员价为314元 克,下调幅度为10元 克。   不过,虽然经历了近两周的明显下跌,但整体来看,今年以来国际金价累计上涨近20%,涨幅较大。于桂英认为,年初买入黄金的投资者都会有明显的增值收益。进入今年下半年,国际金价上涨动力略显疲态,尤其是美国加息预期的影响或仍将持续一段时间。   “这一轮黄金价格的下跌,对投资者而言是一个不错的买点。”谢?表示,当前全球经济增长乏力,日本、欧洲深陷通缩,全球主要央行仍然倾向于宽松的货币政策。此外,12月份意大利将进行宪改公投,决定其政治体系改革,很可能又是一起不亚于英国脱欧的“黑天鹅”事件。因此,未来黄金价格可能稳中有升,持有黄金仍是不错的投资选择之一。相关的主题文章: