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The blue ocean business platform profit probability of only 1% fresh electricity conversion problem facing Wang Lina is considered fresh blue ocean business platform finally, however, only 1% of the profit probability and have trouble or even the closure of the fresh business platform, but continues to pour cold water on this trillion market. Recently, some media reported that Shanghai has a fresh table tennis rack full of goods, no one answered the phone, left the company headquarters. One table network WeChat public letter issued by the public letter shows: due to business adjustment, the suspension of fresh order service. China Business Daily reporter linked to the person in charge of a table network Xia Yu, said: a table network is now doing the adjustment of the whole business, temporarily off the shelf of fresh goods sales. Fresh electricity supplier will do, but in the future will be a new way to do the customer experience, about two months to complete the integration of the new model line." In June this year, I heard that a table network problems, financing failure, and the confidence of the management of the existing business model has shaken." An unnamed industry insiders told this reporter revealed. B2C fresh electricity supplier model is not optimistic about the public information display, one table network was established in June 2015, is part of the Shanghai taste Trading Co., Ltd., the legal representative of the company. A table in fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs as the main business category, mainly in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang had three consumer oriented, through the formation of a team of buyers and self logistics, provide fresh food push, sales and distribution services to users. According to our reporter, one table network is mainly through WeChat APP and WeChat public mall to recruit consumers. Currently, a table of the main categories of network management, including meat, including seafood, including the relatively high-end fresh food based, customer price of more than 200 yuan, the main business coverage in Shanghai. "We are doing a strategic business adjustment internally, but did not close down." For media reports the company headquarters deserted, Xia Yu told reporters, closed just one table network operators in the warehouse. After the suspension of fresh this business, the warehouse has no employees. In addition, the development of APP, the strategic development of employees do not work in the warehouse, working in the office of investors." Xia Yu said. According to public information, a table tennis by Private Equity Investment Firm "Kai Ming Investment" investment hatch, but did not disclose the amount of the initial investment. For the financing questions raised by reporters Xia Yu said, one table net financing is no problem, "investors are very optimistic about our field of fresh market judgments and decisions, or will continue to support our good business model change." It seems that a table of the original network business model is envisaged, pre consumer education, user precipitation, however, precipitation to the user, these users to do? Qing, vice president of National Research Institute of information technology electronic commerce transaction technology engineering laboratory researcher Zhao Zhenying said in Beijing, alone, can rely on fresh ingredients not profitable, actually a table tennis did not think clearly. In my field founder and CEO Xu Xiaofeng seems, B2C fresh electricity supplier model.相关的主题文章: