Eat these kinds of ingredients can not only be more young blood-sopor aeternus

Eat these types of ingredients can not only be more young hematopoietic [original title] not only can eat these younger hematopoietic normally black, red bean, red food, can help blood, red blood is also known as ingredients. In the menstrual cycle of female, appropriate to eat a little red beans, can absorb iron, have very good effect on the menstrual blood. Li Shizhen praised the red "heart of the valley", with particular emphasis on the role of Yangxin, heart run smoothly, has a very good help for the formation of blood, can effectively carry out Qi, health care. Eat peanut peanut also have very good effect on the blood and iron in peanut can promote blood. In the epidermal layer of red peanuts, a glyceride, cholesterol ester, for promoting bone marrow has a very good help, and effectively improve the quality of platelet, also have certain effect on improving capillary permeability. Timely and effective for a variety of hemorrhagic diseases play a role in hemostasis, to help the human body hematopoietic. Angelica angelica is a common Chinese medicine, in the physiology of the female, can be said to be the blood of edible angelica, that blood first drugs are not exaggerated. When taking angelica, capable of activating collaterals, nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, have very good effects for blood deficiency amenorrhea. Wolfberry wolfberry is both food and medicine, edible Chinese wolfberry has a very good help for health care, can effective kidney, also have a good tonic for the liver, it can indirectly achieve the role of the blood. Conditions permitting, the Chinese wolfberry and red dates with food is more effective in blood. Spinach spinach is a common blood vegetable, spinach can achieve the role of the blood, in the winter, eating spinach can promote blood flow. At the same time, spinach in vitamin C, carotene can be a good adjustment of the body’s cells, for a variety of blood disorders have a certain role in the prevention and treatment of anemia, it may be appropriate to eat some. Eat mulberry mulberry has a very good help for the blood, when eating mulberry, can absorb iron. One of the fatty acids can continue to break down fat, to reduce blood lipids, prevention and treatment of vascular sclerosis has a certain role. Mulberry can eat into the liver and kidney, there is some help for nourishing Yin, dryness, suitable for liver and kidney yin deficiency of blood of the people, have very good effect for body fluid supplement. Eat cherry cherry can help blood, containing high iron content in cherry fruit, common in the first place, can effectively help the body of blood. There is some help for the synthesis of body hemoglobin, myoglobin, effective prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia can occur, but also to enhance the role of physical fitness. Although there are not many elements of iron in apple apple, but for the health of the body is still very good help. In the time of eating apples, but also to absorb the malic acid, tartaric acid, can make the iron in acidic conditions more easily absorbed by the body. In pregnant women, in the appropriate prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy can eat apples can occur, but also can effectively eliminate edema, also has certain effect on relieving fatigue. Hawthorn hawthorn is often.相关的主题文章: