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Eat shit people single game made 3 ball hero users: bird shit the banned list included in the Phoenix sports news 4-2! Manchester United was ashamed of winning the snow at home, while winning 6 premier league victories and ending a humiliating 3 successive defeat against Manchester city. Manchester United game winning captain Rooney, the biggest hero is not is not often linked to the David De Gea, but last season was called for a whole year of Ashley yang. The season opener, Ashley Yang in the game unfortunately eating bird shit, but it seems to keep him at the club’s career "back to life" the dedication of 1 goals and 2 assists, Ashley – Yang became the biggest hero Reds win, but also users have been well intentioned ridicule. Last summer, Manchester United to sign Di Maria, and the British media that Manchester United is likely cleaning team winger Ashley young, because in a move to Manchester United, Ashley Yang’s performance is not satisfactory, the fans have been on whether he is qualified for the Yankees effectiveness of questioning. But now, Ashley – Yang is sitting firmly in the main, and DeMaria in the bench, all of these thanks to his diligence and Van Gaal’s trust. The game against Manchester City, Ashley Yang return United game, he scored 1 goals and 2 assists, becoming the most shining star, the first hero is united to win. After Aguero’s opener, Ashley Yang soon goal and stabilize the morale of the troops at the edge of the area, he nodded by Krishna block, but returned to Ashley Yang feet, Professor Yang reacted quickly, the first time to put the ball into the net. While United counter ultra score goals also made by Ashley young, he left the ball to force Chrissy cave, Fellaini easily won the ball into the net. Seventy-third minutes, Ashley Yang once again assists for the game to get final judgement, the united front positioning, Ashley – Yang Zuolu free kick, unguarded Smalling small area before hoisting the rebound. 1 goals and 2 assists, which is the perfect performance of Ashley yang. This season, Ashley scored 2 goals and 4 assists for Manchester United, becoming Van Gaal’s new favourite. You know last season, Ashley Yang also saddled with the accusation of smuggled goods. Professor Yang why suddenly broke out, friends gave a ray of people answer, that is, bird droppings make him suddenly evolved. Originally, the season opener against Swansea, Ashley Yang unfortunate to eat the falling air bird shit, the fans think this awkward encounter have actually become a turning point of Ashley young. Netizens think, "FIFA should be included in the list of prohibited bird shit." Obviously, the idea of users just laugh, but it cannot deny the fact that is now Ashley – Yang really long, under Van Gaal, Ashley young, a face of the history of the Premier League’s most expensive player Di Maria competition, Professor Yang will press on the bench. It can be said that Ashley – Yang Zhengshu wrote his own legend. (Zhou Kai)

吃翔之人单场造3球成英雄 网友:鸟屎该列入禁药名单 凤凰体育讯 4-2!曼联在主场一雪前耻,在收获英超6连胜的同时,也终结了对曼城的耻辱3连败。曼联此役获胜的最大英雄不是队长鲁尼、也不是经常开挂的德赫亚,而是上赛季被骂了整整一年的阿什利-杨。本赛季揭幕战,阿什利-杨在比赛中不幸吃了鸟屎,但这似乎让他在曼联的生涯“起死回生”,此役奉献1球2助攻,阿什利-杨成为了红魔获胜的最大功臣,同时也遭到网友的善意调侃。 去年夏天,曼联签下迪马利亚,而英国媒体认为,曼联极有可能清洗球队边锋阿什利-杨,因为在转会曼联之后,阿什利-杨的表现并不令人满意,球迷们一直对他是否有资格为豪门球队效力充满质疑。但如今,阿什利-杨稳坐主力,并将迪马利亚摁在替补席,这一切,都得益于他的勤奋和范加尔的信任。 此役对阵曼城,阿什利-杨回报了曼联,全场比赛,他打进1球助攻2次,成为了全场最为闪耀的球星,也是曼联取胜的第一功臣。在阿圭罗首开纪录之后,阿什利-杨很快用进球稳住军心,他在禁区前沿攻门被克里希挡到,但又回到了阿什利-杨脚下,杨教授反应神速,第一时间把球送进了网窝。而曼联反超比分的进球同样由阿什利-杨制造,他的左路斜传迫使克里希冒顶,费莱尼轻松将球顶入空门。 第73分钟,阿什利-杨再度助攻为比赛盖棺定论,曼联获得前场定位球,阿什利-杨左路任意球传中,无人防守的斯马林小禁区前冲顶反弹球入网。1个进球外加2个助攻,这就是阿什利-杨本场的完美表现。 本赛季,阿什利杨为曼联打进2球助攻4次,成为了范加尔手下的新宠儿。要知道上赛季,阿什利-杨还背负着水货的骂名。杨教授为何会突然爆发,网友给出了一个雷人答案,那就是鸟屎让他突然进化。原来,本赛季揭幕战对阵斯旺西,阿什利-杨不幸吃到了空中落下的鸟屎,球迷们认为,这次尴尬遭遇反倒成为了阿什利-杨的转折点。网友认为,“FIFA应该将鸟屎列入禁药名单。” 显然,网友的想法只是调侃,但这无法否认一个事实,那就是如今的阿什利-杨真的长球了,在范加尔手下,阿什利-杨如鱼得水,面对英超史上最贵球员迪马利亚的竞争,杨教授将后者摁在板凳。可以说,阿什利-杨正书写着属于自己的传奇。 (周凯)相关的主题文章: