Eat grass football association Orangemen missed 12 games if Gao Hongbo will be leaving the Sohu

The association of " " eat grass; if the Orangemen missed 12 games – Gao Hongbo will be leaving the Sohu sports toss in a month, China Football Association after the men’s national team coach China public hiring deadline three days, suddenly announced that the "eat grass" — let the class of 2011 Gao Hongbo became the national football coach again. The outside world has been that the best time of the Orangemen Huanshuai last November 17th before the Hongkong team away to Chinese, otherwise, also let Perrin led the last two finished 40 of the race in March next year. But both Chinese FA could not carry outside Huanshuai censure, to the 40 finals the last two rounds of luck, so that at the end of the year announced a hasty sacking of Perrin, the move is very difficult to operate. The Chinese Football Association or make a number of domestic more qualified coach the national football coach selection committee, responsible for the selection of recommended candidates around the world over, this Xuanshuai process is still not transparent, the Football Association announced it received a total of 18 countries 45 coaches registration materials only after the registration deadline. To be sure, the applicants are good and bad, good and bad. Both Prandelli, Zico this so-called big, also, vingada such Mi Luoxi had ever removed in average people, some older even didn’t have Guozihao team coaching resume, coach". At the end of last year, when the China Football Association held in Kunming on behalf of any service, Gao Hongbo was named Executive Committee, and talk about their ideas on the construction of some of the views of Chinese team. At that time, the outside world has already tacitly accepted that Gao Hongbo is the best candidate for the country’s top coach. Over the past 20 years, Gao Hongbo has both the national brand experience and the super coaching experience, and he is indeed the leader of earth shuai. To be honest, instead of choosing a little known, not what persuasive teacher, does not use local coach. Even Prandelli, Zico, but to mid March in order to organize and prepare for training, but in 50 people standing list of Xinyang handsome can recognize several? Not to mention designing the right lineup for the national basketball team! No wonder when the Football Association consulted Perrin’s opinion, Perrin also said that Gao Hongbo is the most appropriate. Gao Hongbo, the football coach for "China only applicants" identity reemerged as a choice! Gao Hongbo was the first country with full pointer when the emphasis on technical tactics, in line with the international trend, warm-up performance is also very outstanding, but his love with his "own children", a paranoid personality weakness, command key events nor strengths, which he recognized the weakness. Although in recent years in the super Polish good, recently also went to Holland to absorb the latest international advanced experience, but its coaching ability is "reborn" is still a question mark. Since there is still a glimmer of hope to enter the 12 strong race, the national foot in March two 40 strong competition is particularly crucial, Gao Hongbo can not afford to lose! As long as the Orangemen missed the 12 season, the football association will restart China xuanshuai. No matter how hard Chinese football now open, Gao Hongbo is a "transitional boss hundred-percent". Even though he really fits this place!

足协"吃回头草" 国足若无缘12强赛高洪波将离任-搜狐体育  折腾了一个月,中国足协在中国男足国家队主帅公开选聘报名截止三天之后,突然宣布“吃回头草”――让2011年下课的高洪波再次成为国足主帅。   外界一直认为国足换帅的最佳时间点是去年11月17日客场对中国香港队之前,否则,还不如让佩兰带队打完明年3月40强赛的最后两轮。但中国足协既扛不住外界要求换帅的责难,又对40强赛最后两轮心存侥幸,因此才在年底仓促宣布炒掉佩兰,令换帅操作起来十分困难。   中国足协这次还是让国内一批较有资历的教练组成了国足主帅选聘委员会,负责遴选全球各地自荐过来的候选人,这个选帅过程依然没有公开透明,足协仅在报名截止后公布共收到18个国家45名教练的报名材料。可以肯定的是,报名者中鱼龙混杂、良莠不齐。既有普兰德利、济科这样的所谓大牌,也有米罗西、文加达这样曾在中超混迹过的平庸之流,更有一些年龄偏大甚至压根没有国字号球队执教履历的“江湖教练”。   去年年底,中国足协在昆明召开务虚足代会的时候,高洪波入选执委,并谈了自己对中国队建设思路上的一些看法。那个时候,外界其实已经默认高洪波就是目前国足主帅的最佳人选。过去20年,高洪波既有国字号经历也有中超执教经验,确实是土帅中的翘楚。   平心而论,与其选择一个名气不大、没什么说服力的外教,确实不如用本土教练。即使普兰德利、济科来,但要到3月中旬才能组织备战集训,试问国足50人的常备名单新洋帅能认出几个?更不用说为国足设计合适的阵容打法了!难怪当足协咨询佩兰的意见时,佩兰也直言高洪波最合适。高洪波这次以国足主帅竞聘“中国唯一报名者”身份重新出山,堪称不二之选!   高洪波当年首执国足教鞭之时,偏重技术型战术,符合国际潮流,热身赛成绩也非常出众,不过他爱用自己的“嫡系子弟”,有比较偏执的性格弱点,关键场次的临场指挥也非强项,这些都是他被公认的软肋。虽然这几年在中超打磨得不错,近期也去荷兰吸收了最新的国际先进经验,但其执教能力有没有“脱胎换骨”还是个问号。   既然还有一丝希望进军12强赛,国足3月的两场40强赛就显得格外关键,高洪波可输不起!只要国足无缘12强赛,中国足协必将重启选帅。   无论中国足协现在如何公开力撑,高洪波就是一个不折不扣的“过渡主帅”。尽管他真的很合适这个位置!相关的主题文章: