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During the national day, nearly 1000 armed police armed patrols day and night, to ensure the absolute safety of the South China Sea network, the South China Sea network client Haikou October 7th news (South China Sea network reporter Chen Lina correspondent ray Zhou Yi) National Day small holiday period, the streets crowded, vehicles flowing. Heavy traffic in a heavily armed police detachment eye-catching, they are responsible for patrol duty tasks of the Armed Police Corps officers in Hainan province. Reporters in the Corps duty combat duty room monitoring screen, dozens of patrol teams, nearly a thousand officers and soldiers, all-weather, in Haikou, Sanya, Five Fingers Group and other major cities transportation hub, bustling downtown and scenic patrol on duty. In view of the fact that the National Day holiday is long, the number of passengers going to the island is increasing, and the social security situation is grim, the Armed Police Corps of Hainan province has stepped up patrols on the basis of ensuring the absolute safety of the fixed targets. They formed dozens of patrol units, formed a point, line, surface coverage of the security network within the jurisdiction, uninterrupted to the major scenic spots, stations, terminals and other important places to prevent and control patrols, always deal with the complex situation that may occur. In order to improve the ability of the army to deal with unexpected situations, the Corps held a special plan for the deployment of combat readiness, deployed troops, and organized emergency training and anti-terrorism drills. Patrol, patrol officers to take the task of combining with the city, traveling on foot patrol and patrol warning point combination of important areas, important sections, covering the whole city vital parts of armed patrols, both to ensure the street armed deterrent, and strengthen key areas, key control region, and active cooperation closely with the public security department, strengthen information sharing, grasp the social dynamic, not only effectively safeguarding the security and stability of the society during the national day, more fully show a good image of the armed forces mighty and civilized, safe and harmonious Hainan to contribute to the construction of Hainan. During the National Day holiday, the Armed Police Corps of Hainan carried out emergency pull to the task force irregularly. (correspondent Zhou Yishe) armed police officers and soldiers of Hainan Provincial Armed Police Corps are patrolling armed forces in scenic spots. (correspondent Zhou Yishe) armed police officers and soldiers of Hainan Provincial Armed Police Corps are armed guard in important target areas. (correspondent Zhou Yishe) armed police officers and soldiers of Hainan Provincial Armed Police Corps patrol armed forces in busy streets. (correspondent Zhou Yishe)

国庆期间海南近千名武警日夜武装巡逻 确保绝对安全   南海网、南海网客户端海口10月7日消息(南海网记者陈丽娜通讯员雷辙周奕)国庆小长假期间,街头人头攒动,车辆川流不息。车水马龙中一支全副武装的武警分队格外醒目,他们就是担负执勤巡逻任务的武警海南省总队官兵。记者在该总队勤务作战值班室的监控画面上看到,数十支巡逻小分队、近千名官兵全天候在海口、三亚、五指山等主要城市交通枢纽、繁华闹市及景区执勤巡逻。   针对国庆假期长,赴岛旅客数量增多,社会治安稳定形势严峻的现实情况,武警海南省总队在确保固定目标绝对安全的基础上,加大巡逻力度。他们组成数十支巡逻分队,在辖区内形成点、线、面交叉覆盖的治安网络,并不间断对各大景区、车站、码头等重要场所防控巡逻,时刻应对可能发生的复杂情况。   为提高部队处置突发情况的能力,该总队在节前专门召开节日战备部署会研究战法、部署兵力,并多次组织紧急出动训练及反恐处突演练。   巡逻中,任务官兵采取城市巡逻与驻点警戒相结合、乘车巡逻与徒步巡逻相结合的方式,对重要区域、城区重要路段、要害部位进行全覆盖武装巡逻,既保证了对街面武装震慑,又加强了重点场所、重点地域控制,并主动与公安部门密切协同,加强情报信息共享,及时掌握社会动态,不仅有效维护了国庆期间社会面的安全稳定,更充分展示了武警部队威武之师、文明之师的良好形象,为建设平安海南、和谐海南贡献力量。 国庆放假期间,武警海南省总队不定时对任务部队进行紧急拉动。(通讯员周奕摄) 武警海南省总队执勤官兵正在旅游景区武装巡逻。(通讯员周奕摄) 武警海南省总队执勤官兵在重要目标区域武装警戒。(通讯员周奕摄) 武警海南省总队执勤官兵在繁华街区武装巡逻。(通讯员周奕摄)相关的主题文章: