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Du Yanan: teeth struggling to tackle     to ensure the completion of the annual task – Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: Du Yanan: teeth struggling to overcome to ensure the completion of the annual task October 9th morning, mayor Du Yanan chaired the operation situation of Industrial Enterprises above the scale of operation this year, the city’s above scale industrial enterprises and next working arrangements for special scheduling plan to ensure that the objectives and tasks, the city Party Congress, NPC proposed to implement, to ensure the full completion of the target task this year, lay a solid foundation for the next work. The meeting informed the first 8 months of the city’s overall economic operation of the industry. Municipal Bureau of statistics, the Municipal Commission by letter, the city tax bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the city power supply company, the City Council issued a statement. 1-8 months, the city’s total industrial added value of 15 billion 990 million yuan, an increase of 9.6%, the growth rate in the province ranked the top sixth. In this year the city’s regulation of rapid industrial growth, improve the quality at the same time, Du Yanan pointed out that to understand the current situation and facing the situation, determine the focus on congress "to create distinctive features, highlight the advantages of the emerging industrial city", in accordance with the pace of work and the development of faster, better, work quality and efficiency high in the province and Anhui position requirements, teeth, determined to make good use of our intensive series of preferential policies to implement the plan, tap new growth point to promote the city’s industrial economic development for advanced position. Du Yanan requirements, to concentrate on the investment to the crucial, grasping the project, grasping investment around the environment around the building, grasping services, grasping around the industrial structure, focus on grasping security elements, around the regulation of total catch, ensure that Congress NPC goals successfully completed, to ensure the full completion of the annual task, to ensure that the work plan for next year not only suit the actual conditions of Bozhou, and in line with the "jump peaches" spirit. Du Yanan requirements, to seek a global view of the general trend, and the focus falls, specific, ranking. To catch the control objectives, to strengthen the tracking scheduling, accurately grasp the trend of industrial economic operation, and strive to solve the difficulties and problems, firmly grasp the initiative of the assessment work. To focus on the scheduling of arrested growth, will continue to implement the monthly scheduling system rules, classification scheduling on the regulation of industrial enterprises, to grasp the production and operation of enterprises, focusing on key industries, on the one hand on the regulation of industrial enterprises bigger and stronger on the steps on the level, on the one hand proposed regulations on corporate training, and strive to achieve the end of industrial scale the total output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, the scale of the total number of enterprises reached 1000 goals. To focus on enterprise grasping services, to continue to run the government through the WeChat platform car ", earnestly precise regulations on enterprises supporting work, at least as far as the exhaustive approach, according to the law, to help enterprises solve development problems. To aim at grasping across planning, to determine the target on congress, pay close attention to the real, detailed and quantitative and specific work next year, study and formulate the "revitalization action plan" in 13th Five-Year the industrial economy, thorough transformation thought, dare to try daring, one by one to break the constraints of our city industry to accelerate economic development, promote industrial the economic development of our city. Vice mayor He Pufeng, Secretary General of the municipal government, Wu Huo相关的主题文章: