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Du Feng: a joint tactical adjustment in the new season will return or exchange transfusion substance   Beijing on October 26th news, the Lakers were cut off, Yi Jianlian is sure to return to the Guangdong men’s basketball team CBA. Turning to the return of the Arab League, Guangdong coach Du Feng said, 16-17 season is still the main theme of the old and new alternate. Throughout the summer, the Southern China tigers are not in accordance with the tactical layout of a couplet. After the reunification of Guangdong, the team’s tactics will be adjusted? "Accurate point of view, it will be two days to know the news," Du Feng said, "the United Arab Emirates after the return of the tactics will make some adjustments, mainly with the staff. Before training, because the height is relatively short, so made a different staff. Now (the Arab League) came back, can bring more help to the team." Du Feng admitted that the United Arab Emirates determined to return to make him very happy. "Yes, it was a pleasure to learn that he had come back to the group," said Du Feng. Because there is no Arab League before, so the Guangdong team shouted the 16-17 season is the impact of the playoffs. Now the Arab League return, Guangdong team’s goal should be raised a little. In fact, before the club has said, beginning to change this year, "Du Feng said," I’m sure many fans want us to take this title, we hope to get more than anyone else, but basketball is a collective project, not the 5 person, the individual is 7-8, which has very good performance on the court. A joint strength is no doubt, but Zhu Fangyu’s other big age, we are more than the first year CBA Zhao Rui; attack in addition to Zhou Peng, there is no stable point, are Mesozoic, can not directly play an important role." "I think the team is still very difficult," Du Feng continued, "so start with the regular season." Du Feng made it clear that the new season theme or shake. This is for sure, this year’s young players will play a little more, there will be ups and downs of the team, Du Feng said, these are normal, I hope the fans can give more understanding and support. Before the team championship, 6-7 is a member of the national team, but also are the main force; now calculate (national team), Zhou Peng and Yi Jianlian. Other position switch, how many there will be ups and downs." It is reported that the Arab League may return to Guangdong on October 27-28. (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: