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Dry skin in winter to eat what? Send away the autumn girl, winter footsteps quietly coming, and accompanied by a variety of dry skin. For the beauty of women, dry skin can not tolerate light? (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) so, in this winter, dry skin girls should eat what to recuperate? In fact, white radish, cabbage and bean sprouts is the best choice for water supply. 3 kinds of vegetables in winter is the best choice of water supply, white radish, white radish, saying, "eat carrots in the summer to eat ginger," radish water content of up to 93.4%, is the first choice for the winter water supply. Eat white radish promoting digestion, because its pungent ingredients can promote gastric secretion, adjust gastrointestinal function, also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Eat cooked to Qi Qi, especially pork, mutton stew to eat together, the effect is better. In addition, the mineral content of radish is also high, can enhance human immunity, prevent colds. 2, Chinese cabbage cabbage vegetables and fruits in winter is not much, in order to ensure that the intake of vitamin C, nature, grant us Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage in the vitamin C content of up to 30 mg – 40 mg of 100 grams, in the same kind of vegetables are high. Vitamin C has the effect of beauty and skin care, coupled with a high moisture content of cabbage, cabbage is a necessary winter vegetables. 3, mung bean sprouts mung bean sprouts bud taste delicious, nourishing Runzao, Qingrejiedu good choice. Compared with the original beans, mung bean sprouts vitamin content, mineral utilization increased, and protein and polysaccharide more easily absorbed. Mung bean sprouts rich in dietary fiber can also improve gastrointestinal function. At the same time, bean sprouts moisture content is also high, you can pay. In addition to the above 3 replenishment vegetables, and then we recommend the following 3 can ease the dry skin diet side. 3 therapeutic side to relieve dry skin 1, white fungus jujube soup: jujube nutrition is very rich, vitamin content higher than Apple’s 20 times. White fungus contains collagen, can make the skin elasticity, subcutaneous tissue fullness, make the skin smooth and delicate. 2 red dates, red dates: Holly stewed pig blood stasis pig skin; holly; rich in collagen, can make the skin moist. 3, Chrysanthemum Tea: Radix Ophiopogon 10 grams, 5 grams chrysanthemum, boiling water. Ophiopogon Ziyin moisturizing chrysanthemum; liver, dispelling wind and heat itching. In addition, if the skin is dry, chapped and peeling phenomenon has emerged, under the guidance of a doctor in medicine, Chinese Angelica Decoction and Siwu Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, daub topical vitamin E cream and urea cream, Vaseline, olive oil in the dry parts, also often use Angelica 50 grams, 50 grams of raw Polygonum, 50 grams. After boiling, drying temperature, drying parts soaking hands and feet, a soak for half an hour, 1 times a day, after the bubble without washing with water, and then coated with moisturizing cream.相关的主题文章: