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Drunk spit is the truth or a lie? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: zhangdeng solution color Mid Autumn Festival season, eat with a haven’t met in a long time industry predecessors. He is a successful person, opened a few companies, or well-known good man, now, a good man divorced, not because of an affair with small three. After drinking to say the reason. That year, he from the village out of college, met his wife now, two people fell in love. After graduation, they worked together and soon decided to get married. Asked not to marry his wife, was married with three pieces: air conditioning, audio, video. But the house is really no money, can only buy two, he and his wife to discuss a little less than a line, but his wife insisted that the same can not be less, why others have, but she did not. Finally, his father was angry, decided to give up, not married. And the father said, but said that he was her father’s objections, trying to find the money, then the money really found, that is a distant relatives to borrow. After a year of marriage, he realized that it was his father selling blood money, the family asked his wife to keep secret. Because after marriage, the wife in all aspects of performance are satisfactory. If you let her know but increase the psychological burden. A few years later, his father died unexpectedly. Specific reasons for what is not known, he has been considered to be caused by selling blood. But can not blame his wife, but the feelings of alienation. The heart wants to divorce, but for the sake of the child, for the family intact. Work in the outside, people also play together, but there are still feeling in my heart. He tried to forgive, and found that he could not do it, though his wife was not intentional. Two people had more than ten years, the children are independent, and now he thought of his own life, so choose to divorce, to give his wife a few possessions. I don’t know what he’s telling the truth about what he’s talking about, or if he’s drunk, but it’s true. Source: Panorama network more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: