Drops of rat eggs are being bought by the owner of the police to search the city for eggs – Sohu new diqua

The broken egg drop drugs to be bought the alarm throughout the city to find the egg – Sohu news in Nanning as the five integrated farmers market grocery store’s 26 year old Li Wenlin, Bobai, said he would haunt the egg these days. Some time ago, a customer from his store bought several kilograms of egg, the egg is a few jins, Lee surprised out in a cold sweat, because the egg, he drops with rat poison to poison rats! Even worse is that his wife unknowingly, will be sold with a pair of rat eggs sold to a pair of mother and child, he immediately reported to the police, the results? To see the whole city for the boss will drop eggs with rat poison egg sold to customers in October 17th, he purchased a number of egg back to sell, open the package found some egg is broken, so he went to the cracked egg drop into the rat poison, ready to poison rats, then put them in the corner. Just then, he got a phone call to go out, Li Wenlin’s wife came to help look at the store, however, he did not tell his wife, these broken eggs in the rat medicine. When he was busy working back to the store, found the poison egg disappeared. At this time, Li Wenlin was aghast, he thought, if people eat the poison egg is really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. According to the description of his wife, is an old customer to buy away. Emergency police rushed to the city to look for human life egg buyer Mr. Lee and his wife go out and find, for half an hour did not find people, fearing customers eat poison egg accident, Lee immediately reported to the police. O Sada police station, said Lu Fan: after we received the alarm, it is very urgent to know this thing, because the mouse drugs involved in life. Mr. Li told the police, bought poison egg is a regular customer, to the store he frequented, but he did not know where to live each other. Police analysis, the customer should live in the vicinity of the rental housing. The police put out the community emergency surveillance camera, then a, every alley to find, and finally in a dark alley, to find a buyer’s residence. When the police found a buyer to find a toxic egg has been eaten by the police in the vicinity of a rental room 203, found a toxic egg buyers ms.. Buy this poisonous eggs are in the vicinity of Ms. Jia, Shandong people, 34 years old, working in Nanning. At 6 in the evening, Ms. Jia to Li Wenlin’s miscellaneous shop to buy eggs, see a few shell rupture, due to relatively cheap, they bought. At 7 o ‘clock in the evening, Jia and his son, a boy of about 7 years old, boiled up to about three eggs, including the poisonous one. Time to come on the 11 point, a sudden knock on the door, Ms. Jia opened the door a look shocked, police, community workers, Li Wenlin stood at the door and asked them if they eat eggs. Ms. Jia told police that she had to eat egg, all scared out of cold sweat. The police will be lucky mother and child hospital eventually All is well. fortunately, mother and son no obvious signs of poisoning. In order to prevent accidents, the police rushed to the mother Ms. Jia five as hospital, and later sent to the District People’s Hospital of gastric lavage. "We’ll hang the bottle washing stomach, then I infusion treatment!相关的主题文章: