Driving Club VR announced the price to create the most realistic driving experience exit safe mode

"Driving club VR" to create the most realistic price announced the driving experience driving club area [Sina game] finishing compiler please indicate the source with PS VR release date is approaching, all VR games are getting closer and closer to us. Today, the exhibition in Tokyo in 2016 on the game show "driving club" VR version announced the release date and price, the game will be in October 13th in Europe and North America for sale, priced at $39.99. On the platform of PS4 racing game "driving club" on sale in 2014, has sold more than one million. Although the game itself has some flaws (AI, a single game mode, bad online mode), but this does not affect the launch of the VR version of SONY. In the Tokyo game show, the demo video Jun (please later praised: "driving club" PSVR demo experience for game king surprise). "Driving club" VR version may give players the most realistic driving experience. In the VR version, game player can also enjoy the Fraser valley from Canada to Japan strives the lake and other parts of the world a different landscape, "cruise control (Cruise Control)" model allows the game player to sit down and enjoy the scenery along the road. In the Seat mode (Passenger ‘s), you can sit in the passenger position, review your best lap. VR version of the game was added in the Fraser Valley and lake Shoji two map, you can use 80 different cars driving in the 114 driving route. Like racing and VR game friends may wish to try. (source: segment editor: DY However, DriveClub VR) will likely have the first game s reputation for a stellar "driving experience, especially when a game like this seems to be perfect for VR. With its movement controls, one each hand, it ‘s that DriveClub be able simulate driving an actual race car fairly realistically likely to will. Players for DriveClub will be to visit a of different locations across the world, ranging from Canada ‘s Fraser Val also able variety VR.相关的主题文章: