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Drink a cup of chrysanthemum wine, Yin song chrysanthemum Poetry – Sohu tourism to the ancient capital of eight dynasties dynasties palace Pavilion, in the end a cup of chrysanthemum wine, a maple leaf first worry, think a homesick people drink a lonely autumn red. Sitting alone, in this lonely autumn! In late autumn, chilly. The flowers withered, only the autumn frost in full bloom, Ying Park, Gao Jie elegant, to the autumn of the earth, add vitality to the opening of the dragon. The opening of the autumn, the sky was clear, the temperature is pleasant, Mancheng is brimming with the fragrance of chrysanthemum. In ancient city, in the palace Dragon Pavilion, I met a chrysanthemum festival. Kaifeng people love chrysanthemum, every family has chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tradition. Native Aiju, not only love the colorful flowers, more loving face cold spring frost in character, this is the opening people’s perseverance and enterprising spirit of the best symbol. When autumn frost has passed. Cool is very thick, yellow leaves Piaofei between heaven and earth, a desolate. However, the ancient capital of Kaifeng, but full of vitality. The flower blooming vitality from millions of chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum five head nine head, sixteen head desk chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Canjin Huang Yao, in different poses and with different expressions, directly to the people to meet in the palace — the Dragon Pavilion Park once the main venue of chrysanthemum festival. The chrysanthemum Yun Li Shiguang autumn frost chrysanthemum flower makes, do not write the airflow; he accidentally, natural flavor into 1000. No one can be static if the city like her chrysanthemum fragrance, pour a porcelain Chrysanthemum Tea, opened in October in the autumn, not picking a chrysanthemum, in the Dragon Pavilion, enjoy the fragrance of chrysanthemum mancheng. The weather was Wang Ruting Yin Jucheng Shilong flying, once again brilliant since Wei ren! Lane Street concentrated light incense on the floor, desk chrysanthemum fertilizer in September. From the Song Dynasty have grown into a golden chrysanthemum bush, Chrysanthemum Exhibition Yan smile, millennium; the water dragon is chrysanthemum as clusters, like amassed eight toward the Dragon gas, thousands of years ago the flourishing age of reproduction. Longting Shuiqing, beautiful flowers, sky blue, net, on both sides of a path to the Dragon corridor filled with a variety of different colors of chrysanthemum. Jin · Tao Yuanming "and" Guo Fang Kai Ju Lin Yao Zhu Bo, pine kwan’am column. Pregnant with this beautiful show posture, Zhuo for frost jie. The main venue opened chrysanthemum Festival: dragon like the Imperial Palace in Beijing city and has been inseparable, like this precipitated the Millennium City Longting memories of the place has an irreplaceable position in the history. So far, the chrysanthemum is no longer a hermit, it is no longer a born life, but with a warm attitude to life, to the people declared to the world the love. Isn’t it? I believe that any people walking in the hall are Longting chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum will hear this voice? · Tang Taizong; "Fu Mutilator" order blue summer coagulation cream, chrysanthemum as the shore. Dew strong Xiao Xiao smile, the wind is light shallow residual incense. Pumping light green flowers round leaves, yellow. Also this year, the complex node after fang. In these days, the big white chrysanthemum beauty, gorgeous peach yellow chrysanthemum, golden chrysanthemum, emerald green chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum like wax light like jade, yellow and white marigold, are colorful, in different poses and with different expressions 6相关的主题文章: