Double camera will become the mobile phone standard, but cool1 dual has insight into the ecological

Double camera will become the mobile phone standard, but cool1 dual mobile phone has ecological insight – Sohu of science and technology in September 8th 7, apple officially released, apple for the first time to take the design of the same generation with different ", that is 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch take a completely different design, the main difference is the 5.5 inch version Plus introduced dual camera. It is because of this design, let iPhone 7 Plus sold more than 7 iPhone, large screen mobile phone better is the first time in the history of the iPhone, some people say that this is a large screen mobile phone camera is actually double victory, victory. Dual camera will become mobile phone standard iPhone 7 Plus "dual camera design, wide-angle + telephoto camera way which makes it more interesting not to say, also let iPhone first have optical zoom capability, optical zoom +10x 2x digital zoom to significantly enhance the ability to take pictures. IPhone was not the first to adopt dual camera mobile phone, but apple on the mobile phone industry has always been a "re definition", iPhone 7 introduced Plus dual camera dual camera marks will become the standard of intelligent mobile phone. As iPhone 5S was not the first mobile phone has fingerprint recognition, but it is from the beginning of iPhone 5S, fingerprint identification has become the standard of intelligent mobile phone. Why double camera will become the standard mobile phone? In my opinion, there are several reasons: 1, the image is the new competitive focus of smart phones. In a fairly long period of time, the smart phone PK computing power, CPU, memory is the two key elements. Now, the smart mobile phone is no longer pure competition configuration parameters such as performance, but in the music, image and life of these three key points for the experience, and continue to strengthen in the functions of waterproof and safety, appearance and material point, and under the current mobile phone form image to now the best chance is double camera. 2, dual camera technology to mature, with universal conditions. Why Apple did not give iPhone 7 to join a dual camera? As a latecomer to the field of dual cameras, Apple’s technology is not mature enough, there is still a difficulty in adding 7 iPhone camera under such a volume. In the dual camera technology, some Chinese made mobile phones have been in front. 3, users began to accept the dual camera design. In fact, apple picked up cheap, the first user is skeptical of the dual camera, do not know what is the meaning of design, especially the dual camera manufacturers just a gimmick, useless, and there is no difference, let users doubt. Now, iPhone 7 Plus mobile phone touted by the market, analysts face shows that the dual camera design value has been recognized by the user, which means that the dual camera technology manufacturers will have more power to develop better. Cool1 dual eco phone has insight into the future in August this year, released a major highlight of the cool1 dual mobile phone is to take a dual camera design. Cool is the music and cool after the integration of the new brand.相关的主题文章: