Don’t neglect parents in the Spring Festival-clonecd

The new year, not only "grab red packets" and neglect the parents of the new year, outside the hard work of children can finally come back to accompany themselves. For many elderly parents, this is the happiest. However, according to reports, Anhui more than 60 year old Zhang Shouhua said that a few days later, after his son came back, in addition to eating, usually buried playing mobile phones, one day down with his parents can not say ten words. "Ask him what to do, say in grab red packets."." The generation gap of the two generations has always existed. Just now, this problem appears in a stronger form of contrast: children and parents sit together, but only with the "circle of friends" to communicate, interact and grab red packets. Wang Yunfei, an associate professor of sociology at the Anhui University, once said, "if the parents live 30 years, and they go home 1 times a year, there are only 30 times. Every 5 days, planing to get together with friends, entertainment, dinner, sleep and other time, a year can really accompany the parents of the time is only about 24 hours, 30 years less than 720 hours, almost only a month time. It’s hard to know how to spend time with my parents. As a child, can you be capricious? Go home for the new year, should spend more time with parents to talk, chat, resolve the inner loneliness of parents, relieve the melancholy mood of parents, let parents happy new year. A flat – plough (staff) (original title: I don’t just grab a red envelope rather than parents)

过年别只顾“抢红包”而冷落父母   过年了,在外打拼的儿女终于能回来陪伴自己了。对于很多年迈的父母来说,这是最高兴的。然而据报道,安徽60多岁的张守华说前几天儿子回来后,除了吃饭,平时都埋着头玩手机,一天下来跟父母说不到十句话。“问他干什么,说在抢红包。”   两代人的代沟问题一直存在。只是当下这个问题以另一种对比更加强烈的形式出现:儿女与父母坐在一起,却只顾与“朋友圈”的人交流、互动和抢红包。   安徽大学社会学系副教授王云飞曾算了一笔账:假如父母再活30年,自己平均每年回家1次,那么只剩30来次了。每次5天,刨去和朋友聚会、应酬、吃饭、睡觉等时间,一年中真正能陪父母的时间大概只有24小时左右,30年总共不及720小时,差不多只有一个月的时间。陪伴父母的时间这么短,真可谓不算不知道,算了吓一跳。作为子女,还能任性吗?   回家过年了,应该多陪陪父母说说话,聊聊天,排解父母内心的孤独,纾解父母忧郁的心情,让父母开开心心过年。   □犁一平(职员)   (原标题:过年别只顾“抢红包”而冷落父母)相关的主题文章: