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"Donkey" water: the real story always across different forms of water transport to a donkey, an illiterate coppersmith, a "rooted in rural areas" English teachers, these three seemingly unrelated people and animal, using the same name, "the donkey of water". The film was named after the donkey, and the awkward identity was the cause of the whole story. "The magic water" tells the story of a group of "conduct spot" with the dream of education teachers in rural primary school opened a. Although the treatment of sad, life is hard, but the teachers often live enjoyable, giggly mingle, full of idealistic color. But the joy of peace was broken by the Ombudsman’s assault. Because the original school expenses, need a certain "water" the donkey kick down. So the teachers have to lie a number of teachers, and the teacher named Lv Deshui, in exchange for a salary supplement. In order to prevent things brought to light, they found a temporary repair clock: posing as the English teacher, they think that everything can be smooth, trouble has just begun…… Drama enthusiasts mostly know "water" the donkey, black humor drama staged in 2012 after a good reputation, known as "zero bad" drama. Different brands and happy twist drama, "donkey" water is a large number of embedded in metaphors, human thinking depth directed farce comedy. I want to be happy twist, want to change their location and route. But that’s not what I want to talk about, and I’m concerned about what they’re doing — like their first film, trying to get the show on the screen. "Donkey water" screenwriter Zhou Shen has mentioned that he and another screenwriter Liu Lu initially completed the outline of the film. In his words, the play is more suitable for the film, because there will be a lot of children and a donkey at the time of the story, which is very difficult to play in the drama stage style". But because of the fact that someone had stolen some of the script to shoot a movie with the same name, they had to change their plans, and changed the outline of the program to perform the play in a more dramatic form. Seems to be "water" due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, the donkey turned into play from the movie, but it seems that this is a wise choice. The play is basically achieved by the screenwriter set, from the beginning to the end, but smiled with tears of anticipation. "Water" to hear the donkey turned into a movie, I was shocked, not to mention the company produced the movie happy twist. Although I am happy twist comedy without any discrimination and that they play in the secular comedy on the road has do quite technical point — but their work has gone is pure funny line, like many drama enthusiasts, I already used to play as a fun twist expanded version of the sketch". The water depth of the "donkey", is clearly more than the twist used category. What’s more, it’s a risky way to go to the movies from the drama. It can be said that most of the plays are not suitable for movies. Happy twist of the first film, but also adapted it drama "Sherlock worry". In order to match the feeling of the film, the whole play is deleted.相关的主题文章: