Dong Mingzhu’s rule of man thinking how serious the Sohu

Dong Mingzhu’s "rule of man thinking" how serious is the Sohu on Dong Mingzhu savage again, this is not about "people are digging" or "Internet debate", but due to the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long suspected, 15 proposals were rejected at the shareholders’ meeting. In October 28th, GREE electric EGM, GREE chairman and President Dong Mingzhu broke out on the spot, not only say "no one applauded her approach", and improve the tone to remind investors, "you look at the listed companies which have such dividends for you? I don’t give you a bonus for 5 years, what can you do with me?" As a China business "big sister", Dong Mingzhu has been outspoken for this at the EGM is angrily freak, should think "feel wronged": over the years as one of the "public", is committed to create a national brand, GREE has generous dividend return to investors, investors don’t understand her. And what reason does not support her? Dong Mingzhu at the EGM performance, whether it is emotional, or words, all show left to the "rule of man thinking, its subtext is: the high proportion of dividends is the reward you, I can enjoy, also can not enjoy. There is no need to scrutinize investors questioned the acquisition of Zhuhai long silver, rejected the 15 proposal is reasonable or not, but there is no need to distinguish human moral kidnapping investors and speculators, since GREE as a listed company, you should face questions from investors, and the voting results, this is the enterprise IPO as a public company should accept the rules of the game. No two sweet cane, the selection of IPO became a public company itself should discard the non public company ", and follow the rule of man thinking" public company "legal thinking", even the fact that this may reduce the operational efficiency of enterprises. Since, in the lack of the traditional Confucian culture dissemination, and contract spirit, major shareholders of A stock market (and management) and the rights and obligations between the medium and small investors, in fact has been extremely unequal. And compared to Dong Mingzhu’s legal compliance with the small investors "game open style", in the A shares after the birth of 20 years, but there is a major shareholder of numerous (and management) of illegal "conspiracy" to deprive the interests of small investors, compared with the latter, no doubt, Dong Mingzhu is bright many, more worthy of respect. A stock market "the rule of man thinking" is too heavy, and the rule of law thinking too. "Dong Mingzhu’s" reminds us once again, please don’t aim to understand the small and medium-sized investors (shareholders or management), this implies the "rule of man thinking" is not reversed, the A stock market will never mature. On the contrary, A the major shareholder of the A-share market listed companies (or management) should do self-reflection, we are dealing with conflicts of interests of small and medium investors, whether there will be "fair" is regarded as the first prerequisite, regulators should also be deep reflection, we extent through institutional empowerment maintenance for small and medium-sized investors rights and interests. Yang Guoying (scholar)相关的主题文章: