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Domestic conscience IP develop a mind interpretation of "met Wang Lichuan" behind the scenes autumn sweet couple kiss Lek collection complete Milk, Honey Tencent entertainment news "any work, all cannot do without the strength of the team, from the producer, screenwriter, director, actor to work, everyone is a part of the crew, the lack of any one part can’t complete the whole drama successfully; to do a series of high quality, the team must be united, intentions, sincere." "Meet Wang Lichuan" is such a team’s sincere work. The 2012 shooting drama, after a lapse of 4 years, with production and excellent reputation, a high-profile dark horse deus ex in the summer of this year. Since the pilot episode, Wang Lichuan and Xie Xiaoqiu sweet to the heart of the "sugar" can be said to be detonated the whole network, its national girl heart, is one of the earliest popular novels originated in the IP TV series, exactly how to do in the moment many super IP rampant competition talent shows itself? Real shooting, the original show "meet Wang Lichuan" can be said to be rare in recent years, the real shooting drama, particularly fresh and refined in a 50 Fen TV special. According to producer Zhou Tian, in order to restore the original scene, the drama was shot in Yunnan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zurich and other shooting. The Xie Xiaoqiu is the people of Yunnan, all the scene of the shooting was done in Yunnan, and the actor Li Chuan is a designer, the crew went to Zurich to shoot Sichuan Lek growth environment. It is worth mentioning that, in the filming process, the original mentioned in the old Yunnan Lake Yunnan, etc., the crew also traveled to find the real shooting. As everyone knows, real shooting, especially foreign real shooting will pull the high cost, this week that "if you want to producer Tim authentic to the audience showing the best visual images in the novel, photographing imperative. In Zurich during the filming of the perfect collection of snow, and he was the scene perfect close together, very good." Director Chen Mingzhang also believes that not all green screen synthesis scene can play a real shooting task. Full of "Virgo", by the details of work in addition to real shooting, the play in the details is also under a lot of hard work, the light is the whole script records have modified the eight draft, twenty draft without local modification. Even so, after the shooting in detail at the constant adjustment. After the play the original author and screenwriter Shi dingrou introduced the original novel shooting, is written in the summer, describe the story in Zurich is summer time, but the shooting time is winter, and then back again to the time the script to shun it again, in order to correct logic. In addition to the details of the script, the crew in the props is also well intentioned. For example, the actor is with NOKIA mobile phone, because according to the time of the shooting time line of the previous seven years and was a popular NOKIA mobile phone, this is also the props teacher from the flea market Amoy out. Male master purple shirt is tailored according to the plot. The audience asked the male "message Barrage is not for the filming of amputation?" Zhou Tian said: "this is our stunt team to deal with very well, when we do the stunt, people stood up.相关的主题文章: