Dolar — the king of the night playing together – and Sohu lightscape

Dolar — the king of the night playing together – and before Sohu curious kings of the night’s theme is what meaning, visit JFC pinshang center 4 floor Dolar, finally understand that he’s restaurant and gambling game. There is a big table in front of the store, to play the first 21 points of the game, do not understand the rules of play, you know, for me to learn mathematics, but also quite fun. Entered the shop, found Hot pot sauce species is quite rich and fruit dishes, a red bean porridge taste good. The shop is the main deck, bright lights, feel tall. One pot of clean health. I, seafood is a health pot, soup clam, razor clam etc.. A small pot plus a layer of porcelain sets, to avoid customer burns, very detailed. Fish fillet, roll a few times you can eat, fish delicate tender. Fried bean curd noodle fungus pill is one of the signs, assorted cold dishes, put the plate of exquisite, has a variety of flavors of cheese, white shrimp slippery rice cake, purple, yellow three colors mix quite love, cooked rice cake, a bite of cheese in the mouth, it feels like burst open! Beef, clear texture, taste good, Chaozhou mutton beef balls wrapped heart duck fish finally a greasy vegetable assorted cold dishes melon drink相关的主题文章: