Do this kind of exercise before school, may directly hinder the child grow taller!-melia kreiling

Preschool to do this kind of exercise, may directly hinder the child grow taller! – Sohu maternal and child so that children have a healthy and strong body is the wish of all parents. Therefore, the movement has become a healthy choice for parents to let children. More exercise is not only conducive to the coordination of limbs, but also can promote children’s body height. However, not all sports are suitable for children. The following types of exercise if the wrong period will affect the child’s height. Long distance running some parents have the habit of running every day, of course, also want to let the children run with their own, and that is conducive to good health. In fact, because the child’s heart is too small, weak contractility, which will aggravate the process of long-distance running, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply. This approach will not only consume the child’s energy, but also affect the child’s height. Suggestions: 12 years old every child should not be more than 1000 meters, the running speed is not too fast. Tug of war is a sport that most kids are love, is also a kind of games they play. However, because their bones and joints are more delicate, and belongs to the powerful tug of war very big movement, will cause the child’s bones and joint deformation. Moreover, the child’s heart is development, cannot do these high-intensity exercise, will thus fainting the lack of oxygen. This exercise is not suitable for the development of the child. Because the child’s limbs joint capsule more relaxed, less consistency, under the influence of external factors will lead to the body deformation. Moreover, in the process of breaking the wrist of the need to hold your breath, is not conducive to the healthy heart function of children. If things go on like this will affect the normal growth of children. Play the scooter scooter is a sport many boys love, very cool. But it is worth reminding that children under the age of 8 is not suitable for long-term playing scooter. So the child before the age of 8 is the key period of physical development, long-term play the scooter will cause excessively developed leg muscles, it will affect the normal development of children, and even affect children grow taller. Want children healthy growth, parents can let the children play basketball, swimming, rope skipping, playing football and other sports, the sports can let the children to exercise, enhance physical fitness, but also increase the child’s height.相关的主题文章: