Disney creative world project started to experience the wonders of the future driving the world-fkzww

Disney, the creation of the world to start the experience of the future of the world into the wonderful design of the special driving cabin, on the big screen and friends to experience the speed and passion…… Yesterday, Shanghai, Disney unveiled a new amusement project, the creation of the world, and announced the official opening to tourists. According to reports, this fun experience will lead visitors to immerse themselves in imaginative and forward-looking technology innovation world. It is understood that the new project of "creating community" in the "world of tomorrow" Park, adjacent to the popular rides a speed beside the "halo" attractions square". Here, visitors will explore the three interactive areas – "imagination", "creation" and "control", and experience the wonders of the future driving the world. Each region has an interesting interactive experience, the use of advanced automotive technology to help visitors immersed in the future of the world. Reporters found that experience, "Imagine" in the area, visitors will experience the "in" virtual light special clothing, in a magical feeling gallop in the world of digital; and in "creative" landmark "forward car design experience, visitors can participate in the design of a new car in the future; in the interactive full" control area, visitors can enter the specially designed cockpit, digital drive experience the latest model of "light sports" brought about by the experience. In addition, "a circle" also exhibited a concept car 3 top technology, including the engine, and the light shuttle wing lingsai. Qing wing is "a circle" in a high-profile "halo" sports car, it has excellent power and leading technology. Xilinx is equipped with superior electrical equipment and intelligent vehicle connectivity system, represents a new personal car of the future of the city. Light spindle is equipped with a sound system to promote the reform of super run. Disney, general manager of the Shanghai resort area, said Guo Weicheng, as the Shanghai Disneyland "tomorrow’s world" Park in the new play experience, the creation of the world will bring another world-class entertainment experience.相关的主题文章: