Ding Junhui in the devil’s schedule is too horrible eight more than one person before his tragic-superrecovery

Ding Junhui depressed? Devil race too horrible before eight more than one person than he. Ding Junhui sina sports news Beijing time on the night of November 15th, the world snooker tournament in Northern Ireland, Ding Junhui 2-4 was a fellow self reversal, out of the first round of. Selby 1-10 defeat, a short period of a round of travel, is it possible to fall into the doldrums of the Ding Junhui? This is the second time this season that Ding Junhui out in the first round, held in Guangzhou at the beginning of the month China Championships, Ding Junhui is also the first derby defeat to Fu Jiajun. However, the tournament is only 16 people in the tournament and Ding Junhui, the first round of the first round to face such TOP16 opponents, losing is not an accident. Turn the folio snooker season calendar, will find that from late October to start the national championships, love not to open to the north, there are four races in a month’s time, and every race middle interval only one day to go, is the most horrible devil race. The Ding Junhui national championship has been played to the finals in October 30th, equal to more than half a month now, four consecutive races, so the density and strength is difficult to maintain the state. Ding Junhui: the transcript is the National Championships runner up in the championship first round, crown crown semi-finals, Northern Ireland Cup first round out. While the game is Chinese respectively Daqing, Guangzhou, Coventry, Chinese British Northern Ireland Belfast, in addition to Coventry to Belfast not far away, the other to long-distance travel. We can look at the rest of the world’s top eight finishers is how to spend this devil race: O’Sullivan National Championships 16, did not participate in the championships, crown crown runner up; after Selby won the national championships in the championship, Wacom in Guandu out of the second round, abandoned the Northern Ireland national championships semi-finals match; Trump in the championship, the first round only 1 wins, crown crown, Northern Ireland out of the race; Robertson’s championship 16 in the championship, Wacom crown out of the first round, Northern Ireland out of the race has always been very stable; Bingham, National Championships semi-finals, in the championship runner up, crown crown out of the second round. North aisai not participating; Murphy National Championships in the championship quarter finals, semi-finals, crown crown out of the first round, the first round of the tournament out of northern ireland. It is not difficult to find, the vast majority of the world’s eight before the record is not better than Ding Junhui, so intensive schedule, the physical and energy is a great challenge, many will therefore give up Northern Ireland also excusable. Of course, not all, the best performance among the old wizard Higgins, after the National Championships zhibubajiang, he got in the championship two tournament champion Wacom crown. So tight schedule can not be completely as an excuse, even if there is no alternative to give up, you can also adjust to try to adapt to the 41 year old Higgins is an example. There are a total of 19 ranking events this season, but the normal state of ups and downs, as O’Sullivan said: "does not see so heavy, lost a few days, and come next week." It’s time for Ding Junhui to have a good rest for a few days. (new body)相关的主题文章: