Different Types Of Leathers Used In Shoe Making-puritans pride

Fashion-Style Leather obtained from the skin of animals is used in making a lot of stuff. You can find expensive purses, shoes and jackets that are made from genuine leather. The stuff made from genuine leather can last for ages and this is why the price of leather goods is very high. Leather for the upper part of shoes and boots has been quite .mon for a long time. Leather shoes were used even six thousand years ago. But the popularity of these shoes is constant. Different types of leather are available in the market these days. Leather is also processed in many ways. Animal skin is the number one source of leather. The animal skin is processed in different ways and turned into unique types of leather for shoe manufacturing. Sheep skin, cow skin and calf skin are used .monly to make leather goods and shoes. But there are also some other sources of obtaining leather. Leather obtained from the skins of reptiles, lizards etc are all used in shoe industry. Leather from these sources has different appearance and some people like the unique look and feel of the leather obtained from such animals. However, such leather is very expensive as well. You will also find shoes that are made from camel skin. The skin of wild camels has some unique scars. The scars found on the skin of such camels often heal naturally which makes this leather unique. This leather is used for dress shoes also. Sheepskin is also a great source of soft and durable leather. The leather is loose fibred and used mainly for making slippers. A lot of winter shoes are made from this leather. Calves of not more than 10 months are the source of Premium French veal calf leather. This leather is one of the strongest leather. You will find different varieties of men and women shoes that are made from this premium leather. The most .mon use of this leather is in the making of formal or dress shoes. Buffalos skin is also used to give leather for casual and formal shoes. This leather has a unique pattern that is known as grain pattern. This leather is also used for lining. Sometimes, older buffalo skins are also used. So, you know the sources of leather for your beautiful leather shoes. Be thankful to nature for such amazing things. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: