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Deutsche Bank on the huge enterprise loan securitization implementation of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time on the evening of 20 Bloomberg said, according to informed sources, the Deutsche Bank on billions of dollars in business loan securitization, in order to reduce risk. Deutsche Bank is facing pressure to improve its assets and liabilities before resolving the US mortgage investigation. The broker, who asked for anonymity because the deal had not been finalized, said the deal was structured as CLO, which means that the company repaid the loan interest and the investor took the risk. In order to manage the risk of corporate loans, Deutsche Bank has been doing similar transactions for years, according to the person familiar with the matter. Deutsche bank capital has pressure test in Europe in the bottom of the rankings, while the U.S. government is still in preliminary talks in Europe’s biggest bank for payment of $14 billion to the height of the financial crisis in 2008 during the period of how to deal with the mortgage of the investigation reached a settlement. CEO John Cryan has suspended dividends to retain capital, and he has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of seeking more capital from investors. Deutsche Bank, based in Frankfurt, has said the bank expects a substantial reduction in the amount of money it will pay for settlement investigations. The Deutsche Bank completed a similar securitisation last year, involving loans of $5 billion 500 million, according to the person familiar with the matter. The Street said on Monday that the size of the new deal would be bigger than last year, and informed sources said the scale would be smaller. Editor: Shuai Cong Cong

德银将对巨额企业贷款实施证券化 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间20日晚彭博称,据知情人士透露,德意志银行将对数十亿美元的企业贷款实施证券化,以降低风险。在解决美国抵押贷款调查前,德意志银行正面临改善资产负债状况的压力。   这位因交易尚未敲定而要求匿名的人士称,交易的结构为合成贷款抵押证券(CLO),即由公司偿还贷款利息,投资者承担风险。这位知情人士表示,为了管理企业贷款风险,德意志银行多年来一直在进行类似的交易。   德意志银行的资本状况已经在欧洲的压力测试中排名垫底,而美国政府还在初步谈判中要求这家欧洲最大的银行支付140亿美元,以便就对其在2008年金融危机鼎盛期间如何处理抵押贷款展开的调查达成和解。首席执行官John Cryan已暂停派发股息以保留资本,他还多次排除了向投资者谋求更多资金的可能性。总部设在法兰克福的德意志银行曾表示,该行预计和解调查所支付的资金会“大幅”减少。   前述知情人士称,德意志银行去年完成了类似的证券化,涉及贷款55亿美元。The Street周一稍早报道称,新交易的规模会比去年更大,而知情人士表示规模会更小。 责任编辑:帅可聪相关的主题文章: