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"To be the world’s best marble tiles" — real estate — September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Sun Hongli) "in order to save customers time and money, or the blatantly." In March 10th this year, Gani marble tile press conference held in Beijing National Convention Center announced: to save customers time and money, improve trust and transparency, let the Jane marble tile customers can enjoy the professional and dedicated high-grade decoration services, since March 1st in the range of all authorized stores, the implementation of a clearly, and by the headquarters of the unified commitment, management and supervision. As a pioneer of marble tile category, Jane became the first direct consumer oriented and blatantly announced commitment material brand in the industry. A stone stirs up a thousand waves. Jane’s move triggered hot industry, have agreed, there are doubts. Over the past six months, September 6th, Gani marble tile in Aupu Yuba, once again clearly blatantly brand — 2016 blatantly common voice news conference held in the people’s daily telecast hall, from all more than and 60 media representatives to witness the scene. "This thing to do today, can be said to be successful." Gani marble tile domestic marketing general manager Qiu Wensheng told reporters in an interview,, quality products and services is a prerequisite for the implementation of Jane blatantly, Jane ideal and the goal is to be the world’s best marble tiles. Gani marble tile domestic marketing general manager Qiu Wensheng accept interview blatantly in the right way. Qiu Wensheng believes that the transaction becomes more transparent is the inevitable result of the development of market economy, is clearly in the path, is to promote the Chinese market economy more healthy development, but also a return to normal. For a long time, Home Furnishing building materials industry, the price and the price does not match the high price discount, meet the eye everywhere chaos phenomenon. Qiu Wensheng told reporters, after the implementation of Jane blatantly, indeed without bargaining annoyance, consumer brand trust degree increased, the turnover rate in the increase, or even return a single rate (the old customers take the initiative in improving referral). He said, Jane do blatantly mind is very simple, is to be a high-end brand China tile industry, to make a sustainable development, the integrity of the enterprise. So, Jane decided the blatantly, the price of unity, so that consumers are very clear and very easy to understand, do not tangle, do not bargain, also do not return the tug of war. Let agents, brand service providers to focus more on helping consumers to do a good job of service. In September 6th, the "blatantly brand — 2016 blatantly common voice news conference Qiu Wensheng Qiu Wensheng on the spot report that the beginning of the implementation of blatantly always have resistance, service providers and consumers will also have some tangled. But half a year down, such a phenomenon basically No. Of course, Jane set very strict and even very strict supervision measures, the punishment is no mercy. He said, for consumers, not used, more important is not to believe, "so, Jane had to do)相关的主题文章: