Decoration guide the most practical blank room decoration

Decoration guidelines for the most practical blank room decoration knowledge, also known as the "early decoration of the room," the house is not only the door of the house is not only the door, the ground floor of the ground only to do the basic treatment without surface treatment. But outside all exterior finishes, including balcony, rain cover exterior surface decoration project should be completed according to the design document. According to the housing decoration industry experience, here every step of a blank room decoration, careful to remind me, this is absolutely can help you resolve the wise remark of an experienced person, blank room decoration how. Ready for rough room decoration tools? First, ready to rough room decoration tools. There are a few things you need to put in your bag before the decoration. Tape (buy 5m, not 3M), calculator, plate clip (clip list, with the receipt); in addition, the best early in the site ready for the old towel (soft cotton that had finished brick brick, wipe) plastic bags (around the pipe interface, can prevent dirt blockage). The main demolition and change, so that more practical space? Second, the main demolition change, so that more practical space. The main Chaigai is one of the first items on the blank room decoration, including wall, wall, shovel, and heating, for plastic steel windows and so on. Demolition and change of garbage, to clean up in time to ensure the indoor clean, but also to facilitate the construction. At this time, the finished product door decided the best to the cabinet, hood, stove, water heater and go through, can be determined. Blank room decoration should pay attention to the transformation of water? Third, rough room decoration should pay attention to the transformation of water and electricity, the arrangement of the use of each space. Hydropower transformation, there is no regret medicine to eat. Brick on the wall, a ceiling, and then add a socket can be difficult. So, we must determine the position of the switch, lamp, washbasin, bathtub, washing machine and so on the exact. And the transformation of water must look at the scene to do the master, done to personally acceptance. Before the transformation of water, should be the first time to measure the door, to help you determine the power supply, water transformation program. Water heater, it is best to send people to determine the type according to you, the design of the power supply, the location of the interface. Packet riser, tiling fourth,?? packet riser, tiling. Taking into account the bathroom easy to damp and humid environment, the material must not be used for vertical tube keel! We have to be careful, even if the wooden keel brush anti-corrosion things can not do. Remember, bag for light steel keel or brick. The local light steel keel, but the most solid good in red brick. Oil industry battle?? fifth, the oil industry into the wash wash if you do not buy the finished door, then let the master workers do. Now do mixed oil, do not brush, and spray. Best, let the workers inside the door, the meter box is sprayed with white, not waste is also beautiful. What to say no whitewashing, leveling, grinding, rolling brush, the effect is good, absolutely depend on your home craft of oil industry. If the wall to brush the color palette, we must note that out of color than the color light, do not the same color or dark than it, otherwise you will regret it. Because whitewashers when at least two times finish, sometimes three times, the wall color will be a layer of more than one layer deep. A paint spraying or roller coating method, each one according to his lights. I used to roll coating, did not try to spray. It is said that the spray effect is better, but one.相关的主题文章: