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Dawn shares pressed letter Phi counterparty will abandon the purchase details about hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu each reporter Xie Hong Chen (August 19th, dawn shares 600303, the closing price of 11.56 yuan) issued the "notice" non-public offering of stock subscription and payment of the said date as of August 12, 2016 at 12:00, Anji Guorun Tektronix, venture capital, investment, and Chong Sheng Hui, Xu Shuangquan and Wang’s accounting software (hereinafter referred to as the Ann Giteck 6 subscription object) will not subscribe for the non public offering of shares of Huizhou City billion Electronics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 42.215% change to Yineng Electronics) shares of the company name, not according to some performance shares Subscription obligations, it is regarded as Anji Tektronix 6 subscription object to give up the subscription of this issue. Subsequently, the company received an exchange of letters of concern. Pay attention to whether the company is responsible for the timely disclosure of information disclosure obligations. In August 27th, the company issued 3 letter, the Beijing Jiarun law firm believes listed company to fulfill the letter phi obligation. August 8th know the parties will abandon the purchase in August 27th, dawn shares issued 3 announcements. In the reply letter to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company raised the four issues raised by the Shanghai Stock exchange. The focus of the market is undoubtedly the second question: the timeliness of information disclosure. For this problem, the company will be the non-public offering by the Commission issuance examination committee, at the completion of the non-public offering of exchanges with Anji before the 6 Tektronix subscription object to be disclosed. In the announcement, the company will be increasing the program through the issuance examination committee, Sheng Hui, Xu Shuangquan investment and venture capital Guorun 3 counterparties initiative to get in touch with the company, hoping to negotiate the transaction price. Based on this, the company and the Anji Tektronix 6 subscription object in April 13th, June 16th and June 23rd respectively in Huizhou, Shanghai and Beijing were interviewed, but eventually the several interviews were not agreed transaction price adjustment. Since then, in August 8th 6, Anji Tektronix subscription object telephone to inform the company, decided not to cooperate with the electronic billion equity transfer procedures, determined to give up the subscription shares of non-public offering. In August 12th, the payment deadline, Anji 6 Tektronix subscription object will not transfer 42.215% stake to Yineng electronics company, the company hired an accounting of capital contributions according to the actual situation. August 16th, the company will be submitted to the actual situation of the commission. August 19th, the company announced that the actual payment of the above described. Lawyer: to fulfill the letter Phi obligation for the company is to fulfill the letter Phi obligation Jiarun law firm Beijing responsible for providing legal services for the affairs issued a special legal opinion. Relevant lawyers said that the company in the non-public offering payment deadline, only to confirm the 6 objects such as Anji Tektronix did not talk about相关的主题文章: