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Daughter of a man named heart Xi’an transgender bank to do business in case of embarrassment – Sohu news story about Li is a headache, because they do not know the name "she" or "he", but in view of the gender is female, we do is called "she". In particular, she is a member of the LGBT group often said, she is a transgender people, with a man, but the psychological firm will themselves as women. Two kinds of sex in her sharp confrontation, suffering her life, work, love and other…… "Identity" does not match the credit card while not long ago, Xi’an Li people to apply for a bank credit card on the Internet, after receiving the card, the bank in accordance with the requirements, I need to go to the operating room for business card. "I probably went to the bank in October 19th." In October 27th, China Daily reporter Xiao Li said, because show their gender identity on men, while they are in daily life and work of women to show, that lead to unnecessary trouble, begged a male friend as she went to the bank to do the formalities. Friends with Mike’s ID card to enter the bank outlets, the bank that is not my friend’s ID card, worried about illegal behavior, the police reported." Mike, see things brought to light, she quickly appeared later in the police station of the witness, she happened to the bank staff to emerge in its totality. Police helped me to confirm the identity of the bank official also recognized, but still can not open the credit card, the reason is not consistent with the information." Xiao Li feels very grievance. From the earliest thought he was a 33 year old girl Xiao Li was in Xi’an. Before the meeting, the reporter Xiao Li and Xiao Li by phone several times, saying only that he is transgender people, because at that time in the unit, specifically how Li is not convenient from the cross gender, slightly feminine voice Cha pure tone, reporters there is no way to judge her gender. The afternoon of October 27th, Xiao Li and Xiao Zhai reporter at a coffee shop. Dressed in a pink dress Mike chest tall, liberal and dignified, facial lines although slightly rough, but still looked at a woman. "Since the day I have sex consciousness and grown up, I think that I was a girl." As if to have a good opening, Xiao Li a way to do her helpless and expectations, I and Venus is the same as other people, physiological gender is male, but I want to be a woman." Xiao Li said that their psychological awareness of women is not from the outside world for any reason, I just want to be a girl, I really feel like a girl." Xiao Li said, "when I was in college because they love a man wear dresses and very famous." Xiao Li with the memories of an alumni, Mike was living in the dormitory, but the bed is equipped with a curtain around, usually changing clothes will never let the boys see. In front of the students, she wore a skirt, high-heeled shoes, make-up, full of personality. But every time I come home from school, I will change my clothes for my family. Hidden gender hope for many years of social inclusion at a specific time, Li dress may be neutral, or even put on men’s clothing. In the distance相关的主题文章: