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Interior-Decorating Minimalism was the dominant bathroom of the first decade of the 21st Century by a large margin, far outstripping its rivals and resulting in sparsely decorated bathrooms across the nation. One of the key elements to this aesthetic was keeping everything in the bathroom white, which, while it did create many spaces that felt light and airy, could also all too often result in bathrooms that felt somewhat sterile and uninviting. The reaction to this trend has been twofold. Firstly, bathroom designers and suppliers have taken notice of the demands of the public and are now creating a vast array of bathroom furniture ranges so that people once again have somewhere to store all of their daily essentials, and finally, colour is once again being reintroduced to bathroom design on a scale that hasnt been seen for some years. The most effective way that these two ideas have been .bined is by introducing natural wooden furniture to the bathroom. The natural wood finish provides tactile appeal, a rich warmth that can be sorely lacking in all-white bathrooms. As each piece of wooden furniture is unique, with its own grains and patterns, your bathroom will instantly feel much more individual and characterful, beginning to stand out from the crowd, rather than simply blending in with every other bathroom. All shades of wooden furniture are now widely available, from lighter shades such as oak and pine, all the way through to the near-black hues of walnut and wenge. There are also a wide range of wood-effect veneers available, which are used on top of .posite materials, such as MDF, for a stylish, decadent look without huge expense. Lighter woods have traditionally been the more popular colour for bathroom furniture, as in smaller bathrooms they can help to enhance the feeling of light and space. Darker woods, however, will bring an opulent, luxurious quality that when contrasted with white sanitaryware and white walls, will create a bold, striking monochrome dcor that is the epitome of current bathroom styling, and will again make your bathroom really stand out. Walnut or wenge are the most popular dark wood choices, and you will only require a small number of cupboards and/or storage units to .plete this transformation. A fitted basin vanity unit, in a dark wood finish, will create a glamorous dressing area, full of charm and character, and then a wall-mounted cabinet or two, .bined with a freestanding storage unit will .plete the look. This is a simple but enormously effective dcor option for your bathroom. Why not have a click around and have a look at how easy this bathroom upgrade would be for you? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: