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Curitiba! This dad is so popular in the whole country, you don’t even know? Sohu – maternal NBA Jinzhou warriors star Stephen · library opened in September from its Asian summer tour, visiting Shenyang, Guangzhou, Hongkong and Taipei four city. The star dad in the United States is red Oh, to listen to his parenting experience. Stephen · curry is not what a super hero, but he in the TV screen is officially played such a role. The point guard for the Jinzhou warriors, by virtue of the precise techniques he refined, won the "best basketball player in the world" reputation. And when he was not busy to win the league’s most valuable player MVP and NBA champion, the 28 year old young man, also in the heart of his wife Ayesha (business, is also a rising star in the culinary world), 3 year old daughter Riley and 10 month old daughter Ryan four the mouth of a happy family. 6 parenting tips from Curitiba couple, very dry cargo! Recommendation 1: it is wise to use every minute A: as a parent and write down what needs to be done every day, such as how we allocate our time. S: I didn’t think I was always busy before I had kids…… A: I feel like we need to invent something or something…… S: of course, you have this gift! Recommendation two: each small success is worth celebrating A: until now, a family of four can go out at the same time, for us is still a big event. When we are sitting in the car, to take all things good, everyone’s socks are on, is simply a miracle, like…… Dreams Come True。 Recommendation three: let the children do when she S: playoffs, we went to the interview to passing the waiting area, Riley wants to go out with me around, she looks like a picture you promised me not like non. We went to the interview area, sat down, and her personality began to shine". The second day, someone asked me: do you know how people criticize you bring the child to the fore? It makes me a little surprised, I don’t understand, who is criticizing, why do so. We won’t change anything, because it’s a happy time for my family. Recommendation four: not in the public media over sharing S: we know, relative to most people, we are not the same, but we also hope that like ordinary parents, sharing is very meaningful for us. So, don’t want to be alert. A: we are still proud of our parents…… S: but do need to grasp a degree. Some special, very important to us, happy moments, we will have reservations, it is only a memory of us. Recommendation five: even if the separation, we must keep in touch S: for my current state of life, this is probably the most difficult thing, even now, we talk about reley, Ryen, and her career, the time we spent together, can.相关的主题文章: