Cultivate the backbone teachers be alert to the normal loss of teachers at the grassroots

Cultivate the backbone of teachers   vigilance grassroots teachers abnormal loss – Education – people close to the end of the summer, the education sector is often quite a headache when. Schools to the Bureau of education "to the people", the personnel department often has stretched — a sense of H County in Western Hunan, seems to be a shortage of teachers has never been able to break the "bureau". Among them, there are factors such as teacher recruitment, management, teacher allocation and so on, and the teacher’s abnormal loss is also a reason that can not be ignored. Millet is a middle school teacher, the backbone of the teaching in H county. The 2015 bid farewell to another senior students, for better treatment, he and 3 colleagues choose "job hopping", to the nearby Guizhou County Middle School "another habitat high branch". At the same time, as well as apply to Changsha and other cities of the 5 high school backbone teachers. Almost every year, H County, one of the backbone of high school teachers, loss, less than four people, more than seven or eight people. Years ago, mainly to Guangdong, Zhongshan, Shenzhen and other developed areas, as well as some cities in Hunan city schools. The past two years, with the economic development of the western region, the rapid increase in the treatment of teachers, the school teachers and the emergence of new trends – began to flow to neighboring Chongqing, Guizhou, some counties. If the "drain" is behind the main reason, the loss area of senior high school teachers, "change" is one of the important reasons for the loss of rural school teachers. The original is a small Qin County H Township Middle School Dean, because the brain is flexible, with good writing skills, 5 years ago was seconded to the county government engaged in secretarial work, after years of training, has become the county government work report to the drafting of such "material" "writer", finally to government employees. Such as small Qin in the case of H county is not a case. A few years ago, because the policy is relatively loose, the teacher diverted politician in the minority, in recent years due to the preparation of tightening, "quit" diverted more difficult, but still every year. The county Party committee and government departments because of lack of some important people, often from the educational system for "seedling", through the trial of a period of study, found that good, "crowding out" for giving positive, some were promoted on promotion, the administrative leadership positions. These are diverted to the teacher, is a young and inexperienced school middle-level cadres, or is the backbone of education and teaching. In addition to the "job hopping", "borrowed" is caused by the short-term loss of teachers "". According to the H County Education Bureau personnel unit rough statistics, nearly five years, the education system of the county has been "seconded" or "transferred" to other departments cadres and teachers under 40 people, employers including publicity, public security, culture and other departments, as well as the project office, office building, the center and some spear temporary organizations, mainly to compensate for the lack of talent, with a center work or assault work. One year, the County Public Security Bureau Command Center "110" single "borrowed" from the school more than 10 teachers. On a short time is a year or two, as long as four years five years. Now a view that the loss of teachers reflects the rational flow of social talent, to promote the exchange of personnel in the industry has a positive significance. There is out of the only into the loss of the new and old teachers to alternate and maintain vitality is good. If indeed)相关的主题文章: