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Cuilong Zhu vows to win the FA Cup for China players Hengda aspirations – inspiring sports Sohu   Beijing on November 12th news, Seoul took the FC team coach cuilong Zhu from the hands of Huang Shanhong led the team in the final round of counter attack Jeonbuk Hyundai team won the K championship. Huang Shanhong won coach of the year award, the South Korean media also evaluate the first season in the super coach cuilong Zhu Jiangsu Suning team has successfully. Cuilong Zhu said recently accepted an interview in the Korean media, continue to introduce world-class foreign aid and marshal: "when I look at the coach, they often sigh is indeed very good players, and each have different styles." He revealed in efforts to integrate into the super, eliminate the "foreigners" awareness. When Seoul coach cuilong Zhu, known as "a general (scrappy) leader of the ability to successfully change the style of the team, once again confirmed that" there is no greater than the players (which emphasize team spirit) "this concept. Similarly, cuilong Zhu also want to put this idea into the Su Ning: "(Suning players) we all know I will not compromise, rigid personality, know me very well. I am also trying to establish the team’s style of play in accordance with the different characteristics of each player, and constantly communicate with them. However, if they don’t do well in their position, I will mercilessly punish. Give them a sense of oppression will help stimulate their (on the court) survival instinct." Cuilong Zhu said Chinese players must further stimulate morale, "has a burning desire to be in the game to a fight." Korean media pointed out that, despite the super closed, Suning season’s game is not over yet. And the Seoul team, Suning also went into the FA Cup final: the opponent is the strongest Guangzhou Hengda, Suning were 20, respectively, on the day of this month, the 27 day, home vs.." Cuilong Zhu said Suning’s goal is to win this season: "the way to join the super, I witnessed Hengda surprising momentum. Objectively speaking, our overall strength is inferior to them, but in 180 minutes of the game, anything can happen, we will strive to create a new history." Suning won the League next year AFC Champions League appearance qualification, can meet with the Seoul team. Cuilong Zhu bluntly hope and Seoul team battle: "if Suning and Seoul games, a draw is of course from my personal feelings for the best results, but we are the occupation football man, only to win this one goal. I believe Huang Shanhong’s coach is in line with me." (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: